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JRC ECDIS Operator's Manual JAN-2000

Year: 2013
Language: english
Author: JRC
Genre: Manual
Publisher: JRC
Edition: 4
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 576
Description: This equipment is navigation system with ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System)
functions conforming to the “ECDIS Performance Standards” adopted in IMO Resolution MSC.232(82),
and also meets IMO Resolutions MSC.191(79) and A694(17). Consequently, this equipment can become
the core of an integrated navigation system (INS) or integrated bridge system (IBS) that supports
one-man bridge operation.

More Info

• Safe sailing
• Energy-saved sailing
ECDIS function
• Compliance with the ECDIS defined by the IHO/IMO
• Availability of S-57 (supporting S-63) format, C-MAP Ed.3, and ARCS as chart databases
• Own ship’s track display and planned-route display on the electronic chart
• Automatic checking of the safety contours and dangerous areas of the own ship (not available for
• TT target display and AIS target display on the electronic chart (The optional function)
• True/Relative motion display
• North-up/Course-up display
• Display of route information such as latitude/longitude at destinations, bearings/distances up to
waypoints, and planned arrival time
• Availability of two EBLs/VRMs
• Writing of memos with alphabetic characters into the electronic chart
• Display of information such as the date/time, current position, heading, and ship’s speed
• Display symbols used to present chart information are presented in accordance with S-52 and its
• Display specifications
Size: 18.1-inch color LCD (NWZ-147-AC),.19-inch color LCD (NWZ-173-E) or 23-inch color LCD
Selection of colors (conforming to the IMO/IHO) suitable for the daytime, nighttime, dawn, and
dusk Display of the symbols and colors recommended by the IHO.


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