onlinespiderman ® 24-Jun-2018 16:08

dKart Navigator 9000 SP2 v3.41.4 build 916 + cm93 v3 WF870 + Installation tutorial for win 10 (Full Setup)

Year: 2009
Version: dKart Navigator 9000 SP2 v3.41.4 build 916
Developer: Morintech Ltd
Platform: Windows
System Requirements: Windows 10 (x86) or (x64)
Localization: english
Crack: Included
dKart Navigator 9000 SP2 v3.41.4 build 916 + cm93 v3 WF870 + Installation tutorial for win 10 (Full Setup)
dKart Navigator is software for working with electronic cartography, which can be installed on a ship's computer and fully replaced with ECDIS / ECS.
Electronic chart navigation system (ECS/ECDIS) working with vector electronic charts (S-57 C-Map) that handles GPS ARPA AIS autopilot etc. sensors.
Developed in accordance with the requirements of IMO, IHO and IEC on ECDIS (Electroic Chart Display and Information System),
Navigational electronic cartographic system dKart Navigator of Morintech is designed for the following navigation tasks:
-display on the map of data on the ship's own position, course and speed based on the information of navigation devices.
-laying routes and monitoring their passage.
-mapping of ARPA and AIS (Transponder) targets on a map.
-warning the boatmaster of approaching hazards and areas with special conditions of navigation.-Automation of navigation calculations.
-automatic and manual card correction and other functions.
Additional info:
This requires a clean installation,...if you have another program that uses cm93v3 charts installed on your Pc it will probably not work!
This torrent is a result of combining the efforts of others who have previously played with dKart 9000.
Special credits go to Arcan, neosmik and oceanquakes for all their efforts and contribution to this project.
RAR PASSWORD: onlinespiderman for



onlinespiderman ® 27-Jun-2018 11:03
Hello to everybody,
I see that a lot of users have downloaded this torrent.
I need confirmation that everything works fine,....the tutorial is understandable,....and that the cracks work properly.
Please confirm that everything is ok.
Best regards to all.
aungkyawmoe 27-Jun-2018 13:55
onlinespiderman, Dear sir,
well done & work properly sir .But one thing matter route import in dkart 9000 from another program rte format the program ask password.How can I solve this matter sir.
Brgd sir.
onlinespiderman ® 10-Jul-2018 16:18
My friends sakapour, kadoka and herodata,
you need to find a serial code for your CMAP 93v3 license that has not expired.

Also, in dKart config, ,...... You need to enable the option for CMAP 93v3 charts,........ in order for the charts to display

cvaigon 18-Jul-2018 17:10
А ТО НЕ СЕБЕ ,НЕ ЛЮДЯМ......................
Или я не так понял .
Так проще, что бы правообладатели не узнали...............

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