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IMO/ILO/UNECE Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTU Code)

Year: 2014
Language: english
Genre: Convention (rules)
Publisher: IMO/ILO/UNECE
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 978-92-2-129826-7
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 145
Description: The CTU Code is a joint publication of the:
International Maritime Organization (IMO)
International Labour Organization (ILO)
United Nations Commission for Europe (UNECE)
It provides a non-mandatory global code of practice for the handling and packing of shipping containers (and other cargo transport units) transported by sea and land. The Code is designed to address major concerns for all parties involved in global cargo securing, relating to poor practice in the packing of cargo transport units. These include inadequate securing of cargo, overloading and incorrect declaration of contents. These failings can have direct impact on members of the general public, or transport and supply chain workers – who have no control over these errors or their consequences.


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Definitions
Chapter 3 Key requirements
Chapter 4 Chains of responsibility and information
Chapter 5 General transport conditions
Chapter 6 CTU properties
Chapter 7 CTU suitability
Chapter 8 Arrival, checking and positioning of CTUs
Chapter 9 Packing cargo into CTUs
Chapter 10 Additional advice on the packing of dangerous goods
Chapter 11 On completion of packing
Chapter 12 Advice on receipt and unpacking of CTUs
Chapter 13 Training in packing of CTUs
Annexes :-
Annex 1 Information flow
Annex 2 Safe handling of CTUs
Annex 3 Prevention of condensation damages
Annex 4 Approval plates
Annex 5 Receiving CTUs
Annex 6 Minimizing the risk of recontamination
Annex 7 Packing and securing cargo into CTUs
Appendix 1 Packaging marks
Appendix 2 Friction factors
Appendix 3 Practical methods for the determination of the friction factor μ
Appendix 4 Specific packing and securing calculations
Appendix 5 Practical inclination test for determination of the efficiency of cargo securing arrangements
Annex 8 Access to tank and bulk tops, working at height
Annex 9 Fumigation
Annex 10 Topics for consideration in a training programme




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