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Mr Midshipsman Hornblower

Year: 198?
Author: C.S. Forester
Performer: Peter Tull
Type: audiobook
Audio codec: MP3
Audio bitrate: 48
Description: The year is 1793, the eve of the Napoleonic Wars, and Horatio Hornblower , a seventeen year ols boy unschooled in seafaring and the ways of seamen, is orderd to board a Franch merchant ship and take command of crew and cargo for the glory of England.
Though not an unqualified success , this first naval adventure teaches the young midshipman enough to lauch him on a series of incresingly glorius exploits.
This novel in which young Horatio gets his sea legs , proves his mettle, and shows the makings of the legend he will become in the first of the eleven swahbuckling Hornblower tales that are today regarded as classic advenrure stories of the sea
Rating: 4.8 / 5 (Votes: 5)

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