billakos1601 ® 05-Nov-2018 18:28
Hello all
i'm searching for this publication:
Rules and Regulations for Seaports, The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf / 2017 edition
can anyone upload this book?
Best Regards
gillnumil 05-Nov-2018 19:39
Arcan, The link you have shared is for Saudi Aramco ports and terminals.
Which is different than what has been requested.
I have uploaded the new 2016 edition of Saudi Aramco Ports and Terminals Guide.
Please read Preface in it which clearly states about the requested book.
@billakos1601 the 2017 edition of Rules and Regulations for Seaports is very hard to come by. Even I am looking for same. We tried getting it on our last ship but didn't get the new one.
Do you have the old one ? Can u consider sharing it on the site for others. As presently no edition is available on this site.
GOOGLE BOT 08-Nov-2019 16:34
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