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Yellow Admiral

Год выпуска: 1996
Автор: Patrick o'Brian
Performer: Patrick Tull
Type: audiobook
Аудио кодек: MP3
Audio bitrate: 64
Описание: The Yello Admiral -- the eighteen novel in the sequence hailed as the greatest serie of historical novels every written -- sets the fall an d rise of Jack Aubrey in brilliant counterpoint to the fall an rise of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Life ashore may once again be the undoing of Jack Aubrey.
Even Jack's exploits at sea turn sour in the storm waters off Brest.
Worst of all , in the spring of 1814 peace breack out,
But Stephen Maturin retirns from a mission in France with news that the Chileans require the service of English officiers.
Jack is savouring this reprieve for his career when he recevies an urgent despatch ordering him to Gibraltar : Napoleon gas excaped from Elba.

Patrick O' Brian - Yellow Admiral


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