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Transas 4000 Navi-Planner 2017

Year: 2017
Version: 3.01.347.0134
Developer: TRANSAS
Platform: Windows
64-bit OS compatibility: yes
System Requirements: Windows 7,8,10 x32 or x64
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (which includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) should be installed, otherwise it can be downloaded by installation software.
Adobe Reader => 9.04 or will be installed by installation software.
Localization: multilingual
Crack: N/A
Description: Navi-Planner 4000 is recognized as the ECDIS markets most powerful charts management application, and also a set of databases, applications and services
intended for voyage planning. Suitable both onboard as a ’back of the bridge’ application, and ashore as a management tool Navi-Planner 4000 software creates a voyage plan using an electronic route editor, including:
•Port to port planning of a complete voyage plan
•AtoBviaC auto routing
•Under Keel and Over Head Clearance
•Route checking•Reference point selection
•Reporting points•Warnings along the route
•Chart listings for both (S)ENC and paper charts
•Detailed voyage plan reports
•Route export/import
•Integration with Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS
•Online correction service for paper charts and publications via TGT Services
Additional info: This release include installation of version TPT 73 - 3.00.347.0053 (2016) and upgrade to version TPT 75 - 3.01.347.0134 (2017).
This version can be used with charts and routes, which kindly was released by Ustjur in this release.
Manual for Navi-Planner can be found here, kindly released by NNT
Many thanks to Ustjur and NNT.


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Punky ® 28-Nov-2018 06:34
For those having an error popup regarding pureslave server “....due to multiple connections” when trying to start the software: exit the pureslave server from system tray and start Navi-Planner againg.
Punky ® 21-Jan-2019 09:16
Htet_Naing, autoroute will be functional only if you change your PC date to 2014. Change PC date, create the route and save it. After that you can change back your PC date to current date and use the route.
Helene1524 01-Apr-2019 13:33
I read all Posts and even from the other topic, but I still Dont understand the license thing..... the zip file ‘license” is empty if thats the one they mean...... so right now when I try to open the program it says no license
Thanks in advance (:

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