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MaxSea International v12.6.4.1 + Windows 10 (x64) Installation Tutorial

Version: MaxSea International v12.6.4.1
Developer: MaxSea Naval S.L.
Platform: Microsoft Windows OS
System Requirements: Windows 7 (x64) or Windows 10 (x64)
Language: English
Format: ISO File
Crack: Included
Marine Navigation System, working with raster and vector maps of Mapmedia, Maptech, ARCS, Softcharts, Jeppesen C-Map CM93 v3, as well as 3D depth maps.
Computer technology and marine electronics finally join forces to bring you tomorow's navigation system today!
- Advanced weather technology
- Responsive electronic chart
- Marine instrument support
- seabed classification
- buoy tracking for commercial fishing
- performance routing for sailing
- AIS integration for commercial vessels.
- NavNet Navigation System
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svmk3 30-Ноя-2018 08:19
Мой друг. Спасибо для тебе. Наконец то MAXSEA заработала на моей WIN10 без всяких виртуальных машин. Чтобы программа не глючила, просто отключил дискретную видео карту NVIDIA в диспетчере устройств.
tigestonig 03-Дек-2018 18:06
J'aimerais recevoir le mot de pass winrar pour MaxSea International
En vous remerciant
Я хотел бы получить пароль winrar для MaxSea International
Благодарю вас
Ferari 22-Янв-2019 01:10
Fedor ChiefOFF, В папке "5. crack" есть файл "Installation.txt", там есть описание где эти файлы, но программа "GDBAdmin.exe" не видет не какой базы данных.
Ferari 22-Янв-2019 13:58
onlinespiderman, Thank you for the link. Will check it out.
Edit: Charts worked, thank you.
The only problem is, if you have Win10 x64 and a Nvidia graphics card you will need to disable "nvidia" in "Device Manager" to even load the software (force use of Intel graphics card). When you're done you can enable it again. (I'm on laptop, so tower PCs can vary in this)
Will need to do this procedure everytime you wish to use MaxSea.
matrixdu 09-Фев-2019 19:21
just follow instructions 6. Install Dongle emulator thanks to digitally signed drivers
suivez simplement les instructions 6. Installez l'émulateur Dongle grâce aux pilotes signés numériquement (google translate)
mawui82 12-Фев-2019 18:04
hi all, i followed the installation instruction, but when i open maxsea ask me the licencekey.
How can i solve this problem? i'have already tried de execute point 6 of the guide. but i don't find the safenet usv superpro on device manager (only virtual usb multikey)
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