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Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Search & Rescue Crew Manual, 3rd Edition

Year: 2011
Language: english
Author: Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Pacific Region
Genre: Manual
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 258
Description: This manual has a distinct purpose: it provides the
key concepts that are primary to becoming a safe,
effective, and efficient crewmember on-board a Canadian
Coast Guard Auxiliary vessel. This manual
also provides the basic knowledge required for a new
crewmember to meet the challenges of becoming a
Canadian waters are cold and unforgiving. Each
year the northern oceans will claim the lives of expert
mariners who have made no mistakes and
taken no reckless actions. Any experienced sailor has,
at one time or another, survived a storm or been
surprised by the sea. They know that every calm day
on the ocean is a gift.
Mariners thrive in the state of seamanship where
they are on the waters, travelling on a vessel. This is
a fragile state, one that lies only a breath away from
a desperate fight for survival. Young sailors often
speak of mastering their environment. Old sailors
know how ridiculous an idea that is. Imagine standing
on the nose of a giant and declaring yourself as
the master. The key to existing on the oceans is the
diligent regard for safety, and the constant habit of
preparation. These must combine with a respect for
the overwhelming strength of the ocean.



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