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The Hundred Days

Year: 199?
Author: Patrick o'Brian
Performer: Patrick Tull
Type: audiobook
Audio codec: MP3
Audio bitrate: 40
Description: "O'Brian is far and away the best of the Napoleonic storytellers and
The Hundred Days is one of the best of the series: a classic naval adventure,
crammed with incident, superbly plotted and utterly gripping...This
is O'Brian at his brilliant, entertaining best and when he is on this
form the rest of us who write of the Napoleonic conflict might as well
give up and try a new career. Fans of the series will need no encouragement
to buy this book, but if you are new to Aubrey and Maturin then this
is as splendid an introduction as you could wish for."
Bernard Cornwell
Following the extraordinary success of The Yellow Admiral, this latest
Aubrey-Maturin novel brings alive the sights and sounds of North Africa
as well as the great naval battles in the days immediately following
Napoleon's escape from Elba. Aubrey and Maturin are in the thick of
the plots and counterplots to prevent his regaining power. Coloured
by conspiracies in the Adriatic, in the Berber and Arab lands of the
southern shores of the Mediterranean, by night actions, fierce pursuits,
slave-trading and lion hunts, The Hundred Days is a masterpiece.

Patrick O' Brian - The Hundred Days


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