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Guideline No.3 to the Third Ordinance on the Medical Care on Seagoing Vessels

Year: 2011
Language: english
Author: Ship Sanitation Committee of German Federal States
Genre: Guide
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 44
Description: Further to the regulations of the Third Ordinance to amend the Ordinance for the Medical Care on Seagoing Vessels dated 5 September 2007 (BGBl. I S. 2221), this Guideline provides binding instructions and advice on the second section "Rooms and Equipment" for merchant ships with up to 75 persons.
Additional info: In this torrent 5 files:
- Guideline No.3
- Attachment 1 - Hygiene Framework for Treatment Rooms and Sickrooms
- Attachment 2 - Example of Medical Devices Book for AED
- Attachment 3 - Equipment of a Standardised Emergency Case for the Rapid Initial Care of Sick or Injured Persons on Merchant Ships
- Disinfection and Cleaning Schedule poster


1. Introduction
2. Scope of Application and Definition of Terms
3. Standards Required for the Treatment Room
4. Standards Required for the Sickroom
5. Standards Required for Medically Used Sanitary Facilities
6. Hygiene Standards for Medically Used Rooms and Facilities
7. Applicable Attachments


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