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Steel Away - A Guide to the World of Steel Sailboats

Year: 1986
Language: english
Author: LeCain S. & Moir S.
Genre: Guide
Publisher: Windrose Productions
ISBN: 0-9615508-0-5
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 444
Description: Steel Away provides information for anyone needing help organizing a logical plan to obtain and outfit a steel sailboat. From choosing the steel to installing the systems to safety at sea, there is valuable advice for everyone from the armchair dreamer to the saltiest of sea dogs. Steel Away is a "what-to" book, rather than a "how-to" book that simply gives you directions. This book will give you the knowledge and understanding necessary to create your own steel dreamboat. However, this is not just a book on steel work, but a very complete work on cruising yachts. It covers the metalwork very thoroughly, along with designs, construction methods, tools, skills, coatings and final finishing. The authors go on to cover in detail such things as insulation, engine installation, fitting wooden joinery and electric wiring. It is a very complete book right down to the detailed costing of boats. They even include lists of equipment for final fitting out. Some people may choose to do it differently but this gives a very solid base from which to start.



Оценка: 4.7 / 5 (Голосов: 12)
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