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A Handbook for strategic Planning

Year: 1994
Language: english
Author: Denise L. Wells & Linda M. Doherty
Genre: Handbook
Format: PDF
Quality: Unknown
Pages count: 111
Description: This handbook was written for Department of the Navy (DON) commanding officers, TQL
coordinators, and strategic planning facilitators in response to the many questions about
the strategic planning process and how it should be conducted within the DON. It is not
intended to teach the intricacies of strategic planning, but is merely provided to answer
process questions. While we cannot anticipate every question, the handbook details one
way to do strategic planning that is consistent with the strategic planning model presented
in the DON Senior Leader’s Seminar and approved by the DON leadership through its
Executive Steering Group. While this is not the only methodology, it is the one we use
when working with Navy and Marine Corps organizations.
To be successful, strategic planning requires commitment on the part of three people: the
leader (commanding officer) of an organization, the TQL coordinator of that organization,
and a strategic planning facilitator. This handbook attempts to delineate the roles and
responsibilities of each and suggests a process by which the three, together, can point the
organization toward its future. Strategic planning is a continuous consulting process that
must be tailored to accommodate the climate of an organization. Our experience has
proven that strategic planning benefits both public and private organizations.
Additional info: This download contains the re-written document (55 Pages) and the original one released on 1994 (56 Pages).



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