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BAttle of Surigao Strait

Year: 2014
Author: Anthony P. Tully
Performer: Gary Roelofs
Publisher: University Press Audiobooks
Type: audiobook
Audio codec: MP3
Audio bitrate: 64
Description: Surigao Strait in the Philippine Islands was the scene of a major battleship duel during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Because the battle was fought at night and had few survivors on the Japanese side, the events of that naval engagement have been passed down in garbled accounts. Anthony P. Tully pulls together all of the existing documentary material, including newly discovered accounts and a careful analysis of U.S. Navy action reports, to create a new and more detailed description of the action. In several respects, Tully’s narrative differs radically from the received versions and represents an important historical corrective. Also included in the book are a number of previously unpublished photographs and charts that bring a fresh perspective to the battle.

Anthony P. Tully - Battle of Surigao Strait Twentieth-Century Battles


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