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Anchoring Guidelines: A Risk-Based Approach

Year: 2019
Language: english
Genre: Reference book
Edition: 1
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 57
Description: Anchoring is a common and vital operation on any ship. However, it has been widely felt that anchoring
equipment designs have not kept up with the evolving industry demand for anchoring ships in deeper and
more exposed anchorages. When identifying the challenges associated with anchoring procedures, there was
an evident need to review the minimum required construction standards of the windlasses, as vessels are
currently anchoring at depths above their lifting capacity.
Mitigating the safety risks associated with anchoring operations is paramount in an industry that has been
striving to eliminate personnel injuries, prevent harm to the environment and limit damage to equipment.
This publication highlights the key concerns and technical recommendations across a range of topics including
the design of hydraulic systems, an area vulnerable to failures that have led to serious injuries. By identifying
the challenges associated with current standards and systems, this publication complements existing technical
recommendations and guidance relating to the operation and maintenance of anchoring equipment.
Although the guidelines are primarily targeted at ship operators, they also offer a valuable insight to anyone
involved in the design, operation and maintenance of anchoring systems, providing further understanding and
awareness of equipment limitations through a risk-management approach.
This document also focuses on human factor considerations and, in line with TMSA recommendations, provides
risk-based guidance for the training and auditing of crew members involved in anchoring, while also offering
best-practice procedures through the risk assessment process.
I would like to thank the INTERTANKO Secretariat and Working Group members for their dedication and
contribution to this publication and for providing their essential input and expertise in relation to safer
anchoring operations.





2019 Anchoring guidelines a risk-based-approach.pdf

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mmh, Added content pages and screenshots with proper size, that you can compare yours pictures and those, which added by me. Feel the difference?
Please arrange in your releases proper size of pictures.

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