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Blue at the mizzen

Year: 1999
Author: Patrick o Brian
Performer: Patrick Tull
Type: audiobook
Audio codec: MP3
Audio bitrate: 44
Description: 'If we had only two or three of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin series,
we would count ourselves lucky; with six or seven the author would be
safely among the greats of historical fiction... This is great writing
by an undiminished talent. Now on to Volume Twenty, and the liberation
of Chile.' WILLIAM WALDEGRAVE, Literary Review This is the twentieth
book in Patrick O'Brian's highly acclaimed, bestselling series chronicling
the adventures of lucky Jack Aubrey and his best friend Stephen Maturin,
part ship's doctor, part secret agent. The novel's stirring action follows
on from that of The Hundred Days. Napoleon's hundred days of freedom
and his renewed threat to Europe have ended at Waterloo and Aubrey has
finally, as the title suggests, become a blue level admiral. He and
Maturin have -- at last -- set sail on their much postponed mission
to Chile. Vivid with the salty tang of life at sea, O'Brian's writing
is as powerful as ever whether he writes of naval hierarchies, night-actions
or the most celebrated fictional friendship since that of Sherlock Holmes
and Dr Watson. Blue at the Mizzen also brings alive the sights and sounds
of revolutionary South America in a story as exciting as any O'Brian
has written.

Patrick O' Brian - Blue At The Mizzen


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