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Ship Motions and Capsizing in Astern Seas

Year: 1974
Language: english
Author: S. J. Chou, et al
Genre: Research papers
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 342
Description: An analytical and experimental study of ship motions
and capsizing in extreme seas has been deducted. The analysis
of linear and quasi-linear one-dimensional roll models has
revealed motion anomalies not apparent from the usual linearized
ship motion theory. Extensive tests have been conducted
using two radio-controlled models in the wind generated seas
of San Francisco Bay. Directional spectra were computed,
using r. variety of techniques, from the wave measurements by
an array of wave gages. Comparisons of the experimentally
determined motions and a linear strip theoty prediction are
presented. A time domain numerical simulation program for motions
and capsizing has been used to investigate motions in a variety
of wave group configurations. The results show good agreement
with observed capsizing phenomena and have revealed a number of
important characteristics associated with large geometry changes
in waves.



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