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Seamanship Techniques: Shipboard and Marine Operations

Year: 2019
Language: english
Author: D.J. House
Publisher: Routledge
Edition: 5th
ISBN: 113867611X
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 922
Description: Ideal for Merchant Navy Officers from Cadet rank to Master Mariner, the fifth edition of this highly respected book is in full colour, and has been updated to include more information on topics as diverse as electronic navigation and AIS technology whilst still including essential information on subjects such as safety at sea, rescue operations, watchkeeping duties and pollution control. It covers international standards and works well on courses throughout the world.
Seamanship Techniques is written for serving mariners and nautical students from cadet to master level, studying for professional marine qualifications under the International Maritime Organization as per STCW requirements. Used by training establishments around the world, this best seller is the only reference to both shipboard practice and ship operations that seafarers will need.




aztekin 27-Jul-2019 13:24
skipper3362, В правилах не нашел, как именно повысить репутацию. Если купитьь VIP статус за 1к, смогули я скачивать любую раздачу с сайта вне зависимости от требуемой репутации и прочих факторов? Спасибо
Abyrax 27-Jul-2019 13:27
Очень хорошая книжка, читал предыдущее издание. Маст хэв для молодых вахтенных помощников и для кадетов. Чистая инфа и никакой воды.
skipper3362 ® 27-Jul-2019 14:43
aztekin you can increese you reputation by uploading files to this forum and other members will hoopefull thank you for it and so rse your reputation
yes you can also buy a vip membership from the site so as you see i have boute i am a poster and a vip member
rmr119 04-Aug-2019 06:29
skipper3362, how I wish restriction would be removed in this site... main purpose is to take advantage of p2p sharing community to help and gain knowledge. For me I think seeding is enough to return back the favor. But anyhow thank you.
gillnumil 04-Aug-2019 07:01
rmr119, Yes you are correct. The main purpose is sharing community.
It does seem a little tough in the beginning to get some reputation.
But believe me its very easy. Just upload any maritime related stuff which has not already been posted and you can see the rep build up right before your eyes.
Seeding is a big part of p2p. So it is very important.
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If the handful of guys who are uploading and releasing books stop. Do you think anybody would visit this site, if no new / updated content is being posted.
Also, you can refer to the discussions about rep in appropriate forums. It is not compulsory. It is at the discretion of the uploader. He may wish to put rep or he may keep it free for download to all.
Restriction is not enforced on the site. It is on few releases only at the discretion of the uploader.
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Give it a try, it will be worth it.
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rmr119 , little bit of comment about what you say.
you think it is a right you have to take it is not
you take about that seeding is enough for you but you dont do it your self
from al the file you took from the site you dint ones say thank you to the poster
wenn you visied this forum you agree with the rules so
we have here more then 180 thousend member but only 14 of them made 100 of more posted
the most of you are to focuesd on the blue download button the think take take take, and even dare to sent mesaages that the demand that you give them the file. but nothing doing back for the site
posters have a lot of work the get the files her , the buy them the go looking for them , the scan them and the post them.
and it is so simple blue donload button , yellow thank you buton and clik on the starts and then oke for downloading the file , but the most only thinging of taking
and hide behind p2p of it is a right by only thaking and not giving back anything , that whu the reputation limit has come in to palce
and it very easy to reach, but you have to do something for it and that the most find to must effort fort it so the go complanining about a situation the self created
so the question is did you help the site yourelf by making a contribution in posting ore helping the owner with a donation and then the answer is no
so start thing by your self

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