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Safety of Transport of Liquefied Gases on Tankers - The Guide for Marine Officers

Year: 1994
Language: english
Author: Edited by Jan K. Wlodarski
Genre: Guide
Publisher: Merchant Marine Academy, Gdynia - Poland
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages + text layer
Pages count: 197
Description: Sea transport of liquefied gases is growing to sizeable proportion and a great number of people employed on tankers. at tanker terminals ports and shipyards meet the particular problems of this trade. The IMO Conventions require adequate information on safety transport ofsuch cargo on board gas tankers.
The purpose of this manual is to provide those serving on ships carrying liquefied gases with the utmost up-to-date information available on recognised good practice. thereby promoting operational safety both at sea and in port. While the recommendations may not fully cover every possible situation. they do provide the good guidance on safe procedures in such situations.
The structure of the manual is based on IMO Model Course 1 .06 - Advanced Training Programme on Liquefied Gas Tanker Operation . The manual deals with operational matters. construction of the ship and equipment in relation to the safety transport of liquefied gases at sea and refers to the interrnational and national regulations detailed in chapter 4 Rules and Regulations.
The manual is not to provide the full professional information to run the ship properly The manual is to draw attention of the seafarers and peoples involved in transport of liquefied gases to the hazards which presents such cargo in sea transport and necessary safety measures. Thereby one must remember about the basic principles of sea transport of dangerous cargo in bulk:
Know your job
Follow procedures
Double check and check once again
Information contained in the manual has been collected from the best available sources. checked as far as possible and given in good faith However no guarantee can be given and responsibility taken. All suggestion in order to increase the value of information given in the manual. modifications or corrections will be received with thanks.
Additional info: Contributors:
Czyz Stefan - chapters: 1 .1 ; 4 and 7
Dr Eng. appendices: 3. 4. 5 and 6
Sobiecki Andmej - chapters: 1 .2;1 .3 ; 2.1 ; 2.3. 2.4 and 3 Dr Eng.
Wlodarski Jan K. - chapters 1 .4; 2.2: 5 and 6
Prof DSc. Eng. appendices: 1 . 2 and 9
Byczynski Zbigniew - chapters 8 and 9
Master Mariner, Eng appendices 7 and 8
Proof reader - Angonina Brozyna M.A.
Consultant - Prof. Rudiger Bohlhoff- Hochschule fur Seefahrt - Leer. Germany.
The book has been elaborated and produced in Merchant Marine Academy - Gdynia, Poland in frame of Tempus Project JEP 3010
"Modernisation of educational system in view of marine environment protection"



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