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Coastal cruising simulator 2002

Year: 2002
Version: Release 8
Developer: C. Dennis Posey
Platform: PC (Windows)
Compatibility with Windows7: yes
System Requirements: нет
Localization: english
Crack: Not needed
1. Select the Introduction Scenario from the Options Menu. This will eliminate tidal currents, electronic or engine problems, and make poor visibility situations unlikely.
There won't be cross currents or cross winds when you try to dock.
After use of the Introduction Scenario, you should change the Eliminate Problems submenu and Difficulty and No Tide items in the Options Menu. Otherwise, life will be too easy.
2. Use a slow enough Simulate Speed to have time for decisions and for smooth steering. If you need more time, press Spacebar to greatly slow the simulator. Press again to resume previous Simulate Speed. Selecting Chart View will suspend simulation and give you time to think.
When anchored, moored or docked, you may want a high Simulate Speed to speed up simulation. A. When steering (pointer in the Steering Zone), keep the pointer near the vertical black
line unless you want to turn fast. At high Simulate Speed, the turn can be very fast.
If your boat is turning unexpectedly, the pointer is probably in the Steering Zone.
5. When sailing, use Automatic Sheet (Sail Menu) to avoid excessive heeling and distraction.
6. Check with the Old Salt (Press Y) frequently.
7. If you are sailing and get into irons (pointing into the wind and going backwards), the fastest solution is to select Closehauled from the Control Menu.
Alternatively, you can back (wing) the jib and reverse steering while going backwards.
8. If you can't see the Steering Zone at the bottom of the screen, you should unselect Always on Top from the Windows Settings Taskbar Menu.
9. Look around a lot using the arrow keys. Usually, you should look ahead when steering; however, when going around a point of land, it can help to look at the land.
10. If control button explainations distract you, eliminate them temporarily in the Help Menu.


Rating: 4.8 / 5 (Votes: 14)

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