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Ambient Factors in the Workplace

Year: 2001
Language: english
Author: ILO
Genre: Handbook
Publisher: ILO
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 92-2-111628-X
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 80
Description: In response to technological developments, the code of practice was prepared with
a view to updating the ILO’s codes of practice on the protection of workers against noise
and vibration in the working environment (Geneva, 1984) and on occupational exposure
to airborne substances harmful to health (Geneva, 1980). It also intends to consolidate
earlier documents on all types of air pollutants and other ambient factors in the working
environment and to contribute to the practical implementation of the provisions
contained in the Working Environment (Air Pollution, Noise and Vibration) Convention
(No. 148), and Recommendation (No. 156), 1977, as well as other international
The provisions of this code should be considered as the basis for eliminating or
controlling exposure to hazardous airborne chemicals, ionizing and non-ionizing
radiation, ultraviolet, infra-red and (in some circumstances) visible radiation, electric
and magnetic fields, noise, vibration, high and low temperatures and humidity.
Notwithstanding the variety of the covered ambient factors, the magnitude of
technical aspects that were linked with social policies and economic considerations and
the diversity of situations, it was possible to identify some basic overall principles and
various options for balancing competing interests, and to determine practical solutions in
terms of procedures and allocation of responsibilities.
Therefore, this code places emphasis on the role and obligations of competent
authorities, the responsibilities of employers and the duties and rights of workers and
others with regard to the prevention of illness and injury to health due to hazardous
ambient factors in the working environment. It deals, in particular, with the setting up of
legal, administrative and practical procedures and frameworks for the assessment of
hazards, risks and of control measures, the aims of and mechanisms for identifying and
eliminating or controlling the hazard or risk from hazardous ambient factors; the
surveillance of workers’ health and of the working environment; and the provision of
information and training to workers.
Chapters 2 and 3 provide for general obligations, responsibilities, duties and rights
and for general principles of prevention and improvement, applicable to all covered
hazardous ambient factors at the workplace.
Additional and specific requirements regarding assessment, prevention and control,
health surveillance, and training and information for specific factors are given in
Chapters 4 to 10. Further information on occupational exposure limits is provided in the
The experts highlighted that the code of practice provides the basic requirements
for the protection of workers’ health against hazardous ambient factors. It has been
drawn up with the objective of providing guidance to those who may be engaged in the
framing of relevant provisions and the setting up of effective systems, procedures and
arrangements. The code is of particular relevance to competent authorities, other
governmental or public authorities, occupational safety and health services, the
management of enterprises, employers and workers, and their organizations.



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