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The Basics of Sailing

Year: 2010
Language: english
Author: Captain Milk a.k.a. Capitan Leche
Genre: Учебное пособие
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages + text layer
Number of pages: 92
Description: Three factors which control sail performance are POSITION, SHAPE and SIZE. Whenever a sailboat turns the sails will need to be adjusted.
Hoisting the sails: Before leaving the dock you should determine the amount of sail needed. If high winds are expected, it is best to reef or decrease sail area at the dock than forced to reef while underway. The mainsail usually has between one and three reefing points which allow its size to be decreased. The jib will often have roller furling (a foresail that can be rolled around the headstay) which can be used to reduce its size. If not, the size of the jib hoisted will have to be determined before setting sail.
Mainsail: If you leave the dock under power, secure the halyard to the head of the mainsail and remove the mainsail's cover. This allows rapid hoisting of the sail, if the motor dies. Make sure the boom vang and sheets are loose to allow the boom to elevate to the proper height. If hoisting a full sail, make sure the Cunningham and reefing lines are also loose. You should also adjust the outhaul before hoisting the mainsail. Once the mainsail is hoisted, loosen the boom toping lift so the mainsail can assume the proper shape and swing freely from side to side. Do not turn off the motor until after the sails are hoisted.
Jib: Many sailboats, and most charter boats, now use a roller furling system for the jib. The roller furling line is uncleated and pulling the jib's sheets the jib is unfurled. Tension should be kept on the roller furling line to keep the line from tangling as it is rolled on the drum. If the jib has to be hoisted, it is usually attached to the forestay using "hanks". The size of the jib is selected based upon wind conditions.



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