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Flash on English for Transport & logistics

Year: 2012
Language: english
Author: Ernesto D'Acunto
Publisher: ELI
ISBN: 978-88-536-1451-3
Format: PDF/MP3
Quality: OCR with errors
Number of pages: 50
Description: FLASH on English for TRANSPORT and LOGISTICS is specifically designed for students who are studying for a career in the transport, logistics aviaviation industry. It introduces the vocabulary art the language functions specific to this language sector, and includes practice exercises in all four skills.
Audio files in MP3 format are available online.
1 What Is English for Transport and Logistics?
2 How to Tie Knots
3 Get Ready to Fly
4 A Ship’s Structure
5 An Aeroplane’s Structure
6 Are You in Command?
7 Positioning Tools
8 What’s the Weather Like?
9 Intermodal Freight Transport
10 Handling Goods and Passengers
11 Safety Procedures and Regulations

Содержание / Contents

Professionals and means of transport: an introduction Subjects
The basics for sailing: types of knots; tying techniques
The basics for aviation: flight profile; preflight operations Flight sayings
Watercraft construction and shipbuilding: dimensions and materials
Navigation sayings
Aircraft construction: the basics; different stages Aerodynamic forces Aircraft models
The cockpit; fligth instruments The bridge The cabin
The cab; the signal box
Ancient and modern positioning tools The radar The GPS system Focus on sayings
Reading: a definition of English for Transport and Logistics Writing: filling in a questionnaire; relating school subjects and topics
Reading: how to make knots; the history of knot tying Listening: checking the different stages to make a Bowline knot
Speaking: exchanging information about knot tying Writing: summarising information about knots; giving instructions about knot tying; rewriting sentences
Reading: scanning a text for preflight information; identifying codes
Listening: listening for information about the preflight checklist
Speaking: exchanging information about a flight strip Writing: completing definitions
Reading: scanning a text for naval architecture information; completing charts and tables with shipbuilding information
Listening: listening for information about the construction of a ship
Writing: questions about shipbuilding
Reading: the basics of airplane construction; how an aeroplane flies; building the Airbus A380 Listening and speaking: the presentation of the Airbus A380
Speaking: comparing different aircraft models Writing: questions about aircraft construction
Reading: scanning for information about the controls area of different means of transport Listening and speaking: the description of a cab Writing: questions about flight instruments
Reading: scanning for information about positioning tools;
how the radar works: how the GPS works
Listening: listening for information about the radar history
and GPS satellites
Speaking: how to read a GPS appliance Writing: explaining the meaning of a proverb
Weather related language Weather prediction tools Meteorology and transportation
Multiple modes of transportation Air freight Oil tankers
The organisation of a warehouse: the forklift truck The organisation of an airport: apron vehicles The organisation of a port
Legislation and safety signs
Air safety
Road safety signs
Sea safety
Safety on trains
Warehouse safety
Reading: scanning a text for information about the weather; how to predict the weather; the danger of severe weather conditions for aircraft
Listening: listening for information about the weather Speaking: exchanging information about the weather Writing: completing a text
Reading: scanning a text for information about different modes of transportation
Speaking: exchanging information and opinions Writing: summarising data from a table about pollution; completing a table with given information
Reading: scanning a text for information about logistics; the organisation of warehouses, airports and ports Listening: listening for information about a port Writing: completing sentences
Reading: safety regulations and procedures; completing a table about safety measures Listening: safety in warehouses Speaking: describing and explaining visual information; expressing personal opinions and ideas about road safety
m MP3 audio files downloadable from www.elionline.com
Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 14)
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