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When Clipper Ships Ruled the Seas

Year: 1968
Language: english
Author: McCague J.
Genre: History
Publisher: Garrard Publishing Co
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 96
Description: In the mid-1800's, the American flag became known and respected on all oceans of the world, for American clippers were considered to be the finest, fastest ships on the sea.
The clipper ship era comes vividly to life in this documentary account, richly illustrated with lovely old prints and paintings. Readers will travel with the captain and crew of the famous Flying Cloud on its around-the-world trip from New York to San Francisco and then back to New York via China. The author tells how these sleek, beautiful ships were built, and how the crews worked to keep the ships in tiptop condition. How the men struggled to keep the ships under control in storms and squalls, and how they worked to repair the broken masts and ripped sails which raging winds and waves destroyed, are all described in colorful detail. Readers also watch husky men load and unload cargo in bustling harbor cities, hear the sailors singing chanteys as they work, and mourn with the shipbuilder of the Great Republic when the magnificent vessel catches fire in New York Harbor.
This book is part of the How They Lived series, developed to give young people a wider and more comprehensive view of American history, and thus a deeper understanding and more lasting appreciation of their heritage.



Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 4)

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