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Shoreline and Sextant. Practical Coastal Navigation

Year: 1977
Language: english
Author: Budlong J.P.
Genre: Manual
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold Co
ISBN: 0-44221-142-2
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 214
Description: Shoreline and Sextant provides a full range of proven, practical techniques of piloting — the art of navigating within sight of land. Designed to help the sailor navigate the most difficult straits with confidence, it shows how to meet the challenges that sailing offers, without expensive gadgets or compli- cated math.
Stressing the importance of quick and precise measurements in piloting, this book describes applicable methods of locating position — from keeping a log for dead reckoning purposes to using a sextant for fast and accurate distance measurements. It explains clearly how to figure the current and how to take it into account in pertinent situations. It details the uses of the compass, and demonstrates how to take bearings by four basic methods, with attention to special cases.
Expert guidance is provided on under- standing and using charts and publications, and recognizing conventional characteristics of lights and buoys. A chapter devoted to tools includes descriptions and illustrations, suggestions on choosing the best models for your boat, and sensible recommendations on a host of minor (but unavoid-able) problems. A special feature is the author’s own “base angle" method of measuring distance with a sextant, published here for the first time.
More than 150 illustrations show equipment, details of charts, and course plottings. A removable practice chart, incorporating actual features and names from standard navigational charts, can be conveniently photo- copied to use with the book's generous selection of sample problems. Sections to these problems, refined in author’s courses on piloting, are p vided in an appendix. Also included list of dealers who supply char publications, and equipment.
Applicable to any vessel in any sho line situation. Shoreline and Sextant will be welcomed by sailors as a cle practical guide to the rewarding art piloting.



Budlong J.P. Shoreline and Sextant. Practical Coastal Navigation, 1977.pdf


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