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Bowditch for Yachtsmen: Piloting. Selected from American Practical Navigator

Year: 1976
Language: english
Author: Bowditch N.
Genre: Manual
Publisher: David McKay Co
ISBN: 0-67950-603-9
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 312
Description: Bowditch for Yachtsmen: Piloting contains the best and most useful piloting information by Nathaniel Bowditch, concentrating solely on information that will be useful to the skippers of small vessels, sail or power.
Since the early 1800s, the word "Bowditch" has been synonymous with sensible and practical navigation and piloting. Nathaniel Bowditch's monumental tome, The American Practical Navigator, has for years been the seagoing bible for serious navigators and pilots.
Expanded and updated with each new edition since it was first published in 1802, Bowditch's complete volume is both exhaustive and exhausting; its very size and detail make it impractical for use aboard any but large seagoing vessels. Here is a book that changes all that.
This up-to-date edition — Bowditch for Yachtsmen: Piloting — has been published with the modern yachtsman in mind. It should stand in a place of honor aboard every small boat — a practical place where it will be available for easy reference.



Rating: 4.9 / 5 (Votes: 16)

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