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A History of Marine Navigation

Year: 1973
Language: english
Author: May W.E.
Genre: History
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co
ISBN: 0393031403
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 280
Description: This book, describing the development of marine navigation from earliest times to the present day, is written by a specialist for the delight of the layman and the appreciation of the sailor. The author first presents a succinct history of navigation, outlining the constant flow of new methods, new instruments, and new practices. Succeeding chapters deal in depth with crucial aspects of navigation, such as Direction, Speed and Distance, Instruments for Measuring Altitude, and Charts and Sailing Directions.
Previous writers in the field have based their work largely on textbooks. Commander May has used these sources advisedly, and has also studied the actual practice of navigation by going directly to logbooks and ships’ records. The result is a unique and comprehensive account as well as a narrative abounding in dramatic vignettes.
In 1707, for instance, a fleet of twenty-one ships sailed for Britain from Cape Spartel, Tangiers. Six ships went ashore on the rocks of the Scilly Isles, and four foundered with a loss of nearly all hands. In examining the forty-four existing logbooks of this fleet, Commander May found that some officers were as much as three degrees of longitude in error; of latitude, most of the ships thought they were thirty miles to the southward of the Scillies. This is only one incident of many in this fascinating history of the art of getting a ship at sea from one place to another.
Commander May has brought a lifetime of practical, theoretical and historical interest in navigation at sea to this work.



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