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Navegación Costera: Problemas resueltos

Year: 2003
Language: spanish
Author: Jaime Vaquero Rico
Genre: Textbook
Publisher: Ediciones Pirámide
Edition: 6
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 270
Description: Introduction
Coastal navigation, also called cabotage navigation, is carried out in full view of the coast, using references to it to draw position lines with its help.
Most of the sports and recreational boating takes place in this area. Although we all dream of crossing the Atlantic or sailing around the world from time to time, the truth is that our nautical vacations usually take us a little way from the coast.
With this spirit, the title of Yacht Skipper was created long ago, with powers to send pleasure boats up to sixty miles from the coast. The knowledge of navigation necessary to obtain it is quite complete. D emoras and markings allow the employer to find his situation on the chart within sight of the coast. You can plot the course to your destination, with the appropriate corrections, taking into account winds and currents. You will know how to calculate the hours and heights of the tides. And on longer crossings, you can follow your defeat by esteem on the card. In short, you will be able to navigate safely.
This is, finally, the objective of our effort. The skipper is responsible for the safety of the ship and everyone on board. The good end of the journey depends on your prudence and your knowledge. We sail for pleasure, and among the pleasures of the sea there is, without a doubt, that of sailing well done. That cape that appears in the mist of dawn just where we expected. The islet to port that confirms the accuracy of our estimated defeat. And the landfall in the late afternoon, when the pier of the destination port rises from the horizon half a degree from our course. The confidence of our crew, family and friends, for whom our simple flat geometry borders on the esoteric. And our own confidence in ourselves, that we know how to lead the ship, with decision and security, to its destination. We will end by believing the old adage that there are three kinds of men: the living, the dead, and those who go over the sea.



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