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A Cruising Guide to Narragansett Bay

Year: 1990
Language: english
Author: Childress L.M., Childress P.
Genre: Guide
Publisher: International Marine Publications Co
ISBN: 978-0-87742-989-0
Format: EPUB
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 217
Description: To sail on Narragansett Bay and be unaware of its richly patterned past is like admiring a diamond in the rough. The more you learn about the bay, the more brightly it shines as a cruising ground. Having spent considerable time cruising the bay, we knew a bit about its history. But many an evening, as we swung at anchor in one peaceful cove or another, questions arose: How did this place get its name? Who inhabited that abandoned house, or strolled along that old dirt road? What did it look like here hundreds of years ago?
The bay is full of wonderful relics of times past that prompt such speculation, from a mysterious tower said to have been built by the Vikings to forts, lighthouses, and homes dating back to colonial times. On several islands, buildings that housed troops and supplies as recently as World War II stand silent and empty, inviting exploration and conjecture about their past.
Aboard our sloop, we carried several cruising guides that covered (but did not focus on) Narragansett Bay. All offered nuts-and-bolts advice on how to round the buoys or where to get fuel or ice — information that was only marginally useful to us as locals. Those guides left us wanting to know more about the origins and history of the places we visited by water, as well as the best activities to enjoy while we were there. Over the years, cruising friends came to visit from faraway ports, full of questions about the bay, and as we attempted to find answers to their queries as well as our own, the idea for this book was born.
This guide is a bit different from most conventional cruising guides and we hope it will be useful and enjoyable for local Narragansett Bay boaters as well as visitors. It is a compilation of almost two years of research, both on the water and at libraries, historical societies, museums, and city and town offices around the bay.
Assuming familiarity with use of a nautical chart and tide tables, navigating on the bay is, in general, fairly clear-cut. In addition to basic cruising information and lists of transient dock and mooring space, this book gives readers an equal taste of local history and legend, flora and fauna, food and people. We also share our perspective, based on experience, on the best places to drop the hook and the best things to do ashore once the anchor is securely set.
We have visited at least once every anchorage mentioned, and our opinions are straightforward. If we liked a place, you'll know it, and if we didn't, we'll tell you that, too.
The popular port of Newport lures many sailors to the mouth of the bay. But most fail to realize they can see much more on Narragansett Bay than one resort town. With this in mind, we provide information on the entire bay — from Point Judith to Providence and Sakonnet Point to the Taunton River. The guide focuses on the bay as a destination rather than a brief stop on the way north or south along the New England coast.
It has been our observation that people tend to cruise the bay by area rather than by coastline or island. For this reason, we have divided it into four regions: the Lower Bay, including Block Island, the Middle Bay, the Upper Bay, and the Sakonnet River. Individual ports are listed alphabetically in the Index. We have made every attempt to keep information accurate and up-to-date; however, the pace of change is rapid and some discrepancies may occur. Readers who wish to share their own observations are encouraged to write to us in care of the publisher. We will make every effort to incorporate pertinent material into any future editions of the book.
The quotes that appear throughout the book come from a wonderful book called Narragansett Bay by Edgar Mayhew Bacon (New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1904). The book is long out of print, but Bacon shares a perspective on the bay that is both refreshing and timeless, and we felt his lively commentary was worth sharing with readers.
We would sincerely like to thank all the people in shoreside communities baywide — from harbormasters and dockmasters to launch drivers and librarians — who took an interest in the project and generously shared information and local knowledge on a wide range of subjects.
Those of us who cruise under sail or power are drawn to the sport for a reason — the desire to explore new and exciting destinations by water and to learn all we can about each place we visit.
Whether you're a regular cruiser of the bay, or visiting for a few days or an entire season, we hope this guide will teach you something you didn't already know, and in so doing, enhance your exploration and enjoyment of one of the East Coast's greatest cruising grounds.



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автоматически сгенерированный файл, полный мусора. Читать невозможно.
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isa2kisa, да, ошибки распознавания наличествуют. Картинки не весьма высокого качества.

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