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International Hydrographic Office Bundle

Year: 20xx
Language: english
Author: International Hydrographic Office
Genre: Collection of books
Publisher: IHO
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 3000
Description: Hydrography provides the basis for all activities which involve the sea. The International Hydrographic Organization works to ensure that all the world's seas, oceans and navigable waters are surveyed and charted, thereby supporting safety of navigation and the protection of the marine environment. It coordinates the activities of national hydrographic offices and sets standards in order to promote uniformity in nautical charts and documents. It issues survey best practices and provides guidelines to maximize the use of hydrographic information.
The bundle contains a large, comprehensive and up-to-date amount of publications on hydrography, such as manuals (english and spanish versions), coordinates transformation, surveys procedures, symbols, bathymetry, ECDIS ans ECS libraries and presentation aspects.
Additional info: 11 documents, about 3000 pages


0. IHO Presentation; Purposes, Members, Commissions, Publications (slides) 52 pages
1. IHO - Manual on Hydrography - C13, 2011 (English) 558 pages
2. IHO - Manual de Hidrografía - C13, 2011 (Español) 566 páginas
3. IHO - ENC Production and Distribution Guidance - S65 2.1.0, 2017 42 pages
4. IHO - User’s Handbook on Data Transformation, Involving WGS 84 - S60, 2008 112 pages
5. IHO - ECDIS Presentation Library - S52 AnnexA 4.0.2, 2017 566 pages
6. IHO-IOC - GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans) CookBook - B11, 2019 493 pages
7. IHO - Regulations of the IHO for International (INT) Charts - S4 4.8.0, 2018 452 pages
8. IHO - Specifications for Chart Content and Display Aspects of ECDIS - S52 6.1.1, 2015 70 pages
9. IHO - Standards for Hydrographic Surveys - S44 5th Ed, 2008 36 pages
10.IHO - Standards for Hydrographic Surveys - S44 1.7.0, 2019 47 pages
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