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The Rigger's Apprentice

Year: 1992
Language: english
Author: Toss B.
Genre: Manual
Publisher: International Marine
Edition: 2nd
ISBN: 0-87742-361-X
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 193
Description: Here is a new edition of a book that has earned universal praise for the clarity of its writing and the quality of its 600 illustrations. The Rigger’s Apprentice is not just another knot book, even though the knots a sailor needs are all here (including seven ways to tie a bowline). Nor is it a survey of rigs, for the subject is rigging. It is a book about the principles and procedures of rigging and the marlingspike arts of the sailor. Its emphasis is on traditional practices, but Brion Toss makes a distinction between “traditional” and “archaic.” Tarred-hemp standing rigging is archaic, but seizings, lashings, double sheet bends, grommets, wire splices, handy-billies — all these are traditional techniques whose usefulness is undiminished by modern, high-tech solutions. Indeed, in times of stress, a traditional rigger would be a most welcome crewmember aboard any yacht.
The Rigger’s Apprentice is a book for the sailor who wants the satisfaction and good, hard cash savings of stepping his own mast, inspecting and maintaining his rig, and turning his own tailsplices and wire eyesplices. It is for the boatowner who wants to replace an entire gang of rigging himself — measuring, choosing appropriate wire, turning soft eyes, leathering, and serving. It is for the bluewater voyager who needs to feel secure in the knowledge that, should a shroud carry away far at sea, he will be able to repair it.



Toss B. The Rigger's Apprenice, 1992.pdf


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