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Samyung SES-2000 Echo Sounder User Manual

Year: 2016
Language: english
Author: Samyung ENC
Genre: Manual
Publisher: Samyung ENC
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 38
Description: The Echo sounder an older instrumentation system for indirectly determining ocean
floor depth. Echo sounding is based on the principle that water is an excellent
medium for the transmission of sound waves and that a sound pulse will bounce off a
reflecting layer, returning to its source as an echo. The time interval between the
initiation of a sound pulse and echo returned from the bottom can be used to
determine the depth of the bottom. An echo-sounding system consists of a
transmitter, a receiver that picks up the reflected echo, electronic timing and
amplification equipment, and an indicator or graphic recorder.
 Model : TD-22/TD-24
 Type : 50kHz/200kHz
 Power : 600W
 Material : Rubber
Main Unit
 Display : 10.4“ COLOR TFT LCD 640x480dot
 Power : 12V to 35V DC Consumption Power : 40VA
 Mark display : Automatic Set(0~300sec(5min))
 Options : Rectifier(10A) 100/110/115/220/230VAC
Optimum Surrounding
 Temperature : Main Unit = -15°C ~ +55°C
 Humidity : 95% (+30°C ~ +60°C)
 Thermometer : -10°C ~ +40°C



Samyung SES-2000 Echo Sounder User Manual


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