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Assessment Of Selected Alternative Fuels And Technologies

Year: 2019
Language: english
Author: DNV GL
Genre: Guide
Publisher: DNV GL
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 56
Description: The shipping industry is under increasing pressure to act upon the Paris Agreement and reduce green- house gas (GHG) emissions. The substantial emission reductions which must be achieved over the next decades are expected to drive technology develop- ment and, in particular, the introduction of low- carbon fuels. Furthermore, authorities are increasingly paying attention to the consequences of hazardous NOX, SOX and particle emissions at the local level.
Around the world, air pollution is causing serious health problems and premature death, and local air pollution will be subject to tougher regulations over the coming years.
Reducing emissions to air and introducing new propulsion technologies are key challenges for the worldwide transport sector, including shipping. The world’s future fleet will have to rely on a broader range of fuels, propulsion solutions and energy efficiency measures.
All alternative fuel options have benefits and chal- lenges. This guidance paper provides an introduc- tion to alternative fuels and technology solutions. It includes an overview of selected alternative ship fuels – LNG, LPG, methanol, biofuel and hydrogen – as well as emerging technologies such as batteries, fuel cell systems and wind-assisted propulsion. Ammonia – especially when produced using hydro- gen from renewable sources – has entered the debate as an additional potential future fuel and will be discussed in greater detail in future DNV GL publications, including potential follow-up editions of this document.
Additional info: Previous version here:

Assessment of Selected Alternative Fuels and Technologies - DNV GL [2018, PDF]

Author: DNV GL | Year: 2018 | Language: english | Format: PDF | Quality: eBook | Pages count: 48 | Genre: Guide

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