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The Pilot's Handbook for the English Channel

Year: 1878
Language: english
Author: J. W. King
Genre: Handbook
Edition: 8th
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 137
Description: This practical handbook contains concise directions for entering and navigating the Channel, and for all the harbours and anchorages on the english coast. From the Scilly Islands to the north foreland; also questions on the pilotage of the channel. For relevant places, harbours or points, bearing and distances are given in practical tables, as well as precise positions. The book is illustrated by 17 plates, shaded with colours. The booklet is plenty of tips and advices. Under the Wind and Weather paragraph we can read:
"The prevailing winds in the English Channel are from the western quarter. Westerly gales are felt at all seasons, but they are more frequent from November to March inclusive. Of these, a SW gale is considered to be the most dangerous, for it sometimes suddenly veers to NW, North, and even NE. Dead calms are of rare occurrence. Fogs are frequent".
"Bound into the Channel either from the S or W ... with uncertain reckoning, the Log, Lookout, Lead and Quality of Ground are the only guides".
But it was an era of transition, many things, taken for granted today, evidently at the time were not at all. We can also read tips like these: "Continued comparisons ... have proved decidedly that there is non regular correspondence between lunar phases and atmospherical changes". "The termometer is of less importance, as a weather prophet, than the barometer".
This hardcopy in particular must have been actually used, since we can see, on page V, a magnetic bearing NW by N, hand corrected NW by W.
Additional info: 137 pages (book), 93 pages (scan)


Directions, approaches, buoys and marks, list of lights, plans and plates of the Channel, organized West to East.
Steering and sailing rules, bearing and distances from point to point, prevalent weather conditions, tide charts and rate tables, index of places.


Rating: 4.8 / 5 (Votes: 6)
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