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Radar Systems and Radio Aids to Navigation

Year: 2019
Language: english
Author: A. K. Sen, A. B. Bhattacharya
Genre: Textbook
Publisher: Mercury Learning and Information
ISBN: 978-1-683921-18-9
Format: EPUB
Quality: eBook
Pages count: n/a
Description: The main goal of the radio navigational aids is to supply the navigator with precise and reliable data about speed, height, position, and other relevant navigational parameters. The techniques of finding these parameters are oft utmost importance to a radio engineer. Moreover, the safety of navigation is ensured by introducing certain special radio aids to detect, for example, an impending thunderstorm. Although this textbook was written for both marine and air navigation, it is of extreme interest to the navigator. The authors have covered a number of the above subject starting from the very fundamentals. A separate chapter deals extensively with antennas for navigational aids. Two chapters have been devoted to direction finding principles, homing systems, and ILS. Hyperbolic navigation systems including Omega systems have been described in detail in another chapter. Principles of radar and radar systems have been covered very well in several chapters. Radar target characteristics have been adequately described. The topic of radar clutter will be very useful in understanding of the various responsible for this phenomenon. This book can serve the purpose of professionals in the field to a greater extent. Review questions and multiple choice questions and answers have been added in the appendices as an aid to mastering the topics in the text.


Chapter 1: Navigation
Chapter 2: Antennas for Radio Navigational Aids
Chapter 3: Principles of Radar
Chapter 4: Radar Targets
Chapter 5: Radar Transmitters and Receivers
Chapter 5: Radar Transmitters and Receiver
Chapter 6: Propagation of Radar Waves
Chapter 7: Radar Clutter
Chapter 8: MTI Radar
Chapter 9: Modern Radars
Chapter 10: Navigational and Remote Sensing Radars
Chapter 10A Atmospheric Radars
Chapter 11: Radars for Atmospheric Probing
Chapter 11A Radar Measurement of Rain Intensity, Drop Size, and the Related Attenuation of Radio Waves
Chapter 12: Direction Finding
Chapter 13: Aircraft Homing System and Instrument Landing System
Chapter 14: Hyperbolic Navigation
Chapter 15: Satellite Navigation
Chapter 16: Vessel Traffic Management System
Chapter 17: Navigation and Modern Measuring Techniques
Chapter 18: Millimeter Wave Radars and Radiometers
Chapter 19: Doppler Radar Development and Remote Sensing Research
Chapter 20: Mathematical Preliminaries Related to Radar Systems and Associated Problems
Appendix A: Achieving Independence of Successive Samples by Frequency Shifting from Pulse to Pulse
Appendix B: Review Questions
Appendix C: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers


Radar Systems and Radio Aids to Navigation.epub


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