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Designing Cathodic Protection Systems for Marine Structures and Vehicles

Year: 1999
Language: english
Author: Various authors
Genre: Research papers
Publisher: American Society For Testing And Materials
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR without errors
Pages count: 119
Description: Cathodic protection is an important protecting method for structures and ships from the corrosive effects of seawater. Design of cathodic protection systems can significantly affect the usable lifetime of a structure: poor designs can be far-more costly to implement than optimal designs. Improper design can cause overprotection, with resulting paint blistering and accelerated corrosion, or underprotection, with resultant structure corrosion. This book includes different papers on seawater cathodic protection system design and philosophies, such as US Navy physical scale modeling method, the use of aluminum alloys instead of zinc due to their efficiency, lower weight and lower cost, a protection system design for a complex wharf structure, cathodic protection design for structures in deep water, such as offshore oil platforms among others. The book has a practical and solution-oriented approach.



Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 13)

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