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Seagull CBT

Year: 2018
Developer: Seagull Maritime AS
Platform: Windows
Language: english
Crack: included
Description: Seagull Maritime AS is the leading provider of competence management solutions and e-learning material for seafarers worldwide and offers a comprehensive library of training and onboard courses for regulatory compliance and improved seafarer knowledge.
Additional info: Put all files from folder "Viewer" along with file "cbt.xml" (Example of location: CD0007\Course01\Lesson01\inertgen\cbt.xml).
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Seagull CBT [2014]

Developer: | Year: 2014 | Localization: english | Crack: Included | Platform: Windows

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n_sko 16-Nov-2020 21:48
70989The download has completed successfully but I don't know how to use it.
hello, after you download the torrent, there are different folders/archived - CD000... Here is a list of all the topics
After you choose which topic you would like to practice - for example "XY" , unarchive/unzip this folder and paste the content of "Viewer" folder in CD00.....XY -> Course01->Lesson01-> ...... (folder with different names in different lessons, but MUST HAVE FILE NAMED "cbt".xml.
it is a little complicated, have to work like this :) good luck
tatoleg 18-Nov-2020 00:31
Добрый вечер.
Большое спасибо за залитый материал.
Вопрос по поводу 3х СВТ а имено Номера CD4021_GVF561,CD4022_GVF562E и CD4023_GVF562E-IMA
не могу разобраться как запускать? Еще вопрос какая тема у них?
С ув ОЛЕГ.
mrammonia 26-Nov-2020 23:12
Cant get it to work.
1) I choose a course, like CD0007
2) Unzip it with winrar
3) Copied and paste content of "Viewer" into CD0007 > Course01 > Lesson01 folder
4) I get "E:\Chrome Downloads\SCORM\CD0007\Course01\Lesson01\cbt.xml"
All the best.
abdallah59 31-Dec-2020 17:50
kindly follow below example as stated by publisher once done click viewer it will open
Put all files from folder "Viewer" along with file "cbt.xml" (Example of location: CD0007\Course01\Lesson01\inertgen\cbt.xml)
copy folder content of viewer and paste it inside cd0007\course01\lesson01\inertgen
"here course 007 is for inertgas system similarly for others keep pasting in that course folder"
once done click on viewer it will open a display just enter ur name and program will start
hope its clear now
tomasmoury 26-Oct-2021 00:16
I got it done !
Hint: in case a message pops up asking you to confirm whether you want to substitute the existing files in "Lesson01" folder with "Viewer" folder content, you're doing it wrong.
1. Create a Folder (i.e. HOT WORK folder) for the zipped course you want and unzipped its content into that folder.
2. Copy all the content from "Viewer" folder.
3. Paste it into HOT WORK -> Course01 -> "h_work" (not "temp" !)
there are 2 folders inside Course01 folder: temp and another one; paste it into the one I underlined here
4. Run the Viewer.exe. file that is now inside the folder to which you just pasted it
5. Fill your name once you're asked for it.
sgzl 12-Jan-2022 13:41
1)Create a New folder
2)COPY all contents of viewer folder and PPASTE to New folder
3)Then,choose one of the course
*There are 2 folder in each lesson folders i.e CD0001-Course1-Lesson1-tmp and p_safety OR CD0002-Course1-Lesson1-tmp and g_safety
4)You have to COPY these folders (which is red coloured above) and PASTE into the New Folder
5)Run the Viewere.exe which is placed in the New Folder.
hpss_77 09-Mar-2022 13:25
Anyone having issue running the program please note as many friends have mentioned already important thing is to copy all contents of viewer folder to the folder as below :
1. Unzip the required folder
2. In this unzipped folded,Keep opening the folders until you find the folder with a file cbt.xml
3. In this folder(step 2 above) copy all the contents of viewer folder
4. Run the viewer.exe file
5. Program should work normally
Hope it helps if someone still encountering problem
faitzu 24-Jul-2022 15:10
1 CD0001 Personal Safety
2 CD0002 Ship General Safety
3 CD0004 SOPEP
4 CD0005 ISM Code
5 CD0006 OPA 90
6 CD0007 Inert Gas Generator
7 CD0008 Flue Gas Plant
8 CD0009 Fuel Oil System
9 CD0010 Marine fuel handling
10 CD0012 Tanker operation I
11 CD0013 Tanker operation ll
12 CD0014 Vessel Struct. Cond.
13 CD0015 Corrosion Protection I
14 CD0016 Corrosion Protection ll
15 CD0017 Steering Gear
16 CD0018 Cooling Systems
17 CD0019 Remote Ctrl. Sys. (AC4)
18 CD0020 Search and Rescue
19 CD0021 GMDSS
20 CD0022 Maritime English, Ship Familiarisation
21 CD0024 Operating Auxiliary Diesel Engines
22 CD0026 Voyage Planning
23 CD0027 Ballast Water Management
24 CD0028 Protection and indemnity
25 CD0029 Hull and Machinery
26 CD0030 Marine Lubricants
27 CD0031 Pusnes ETS
28 CD0032 Cargo Properties
29 CD0033 Stability
30 CD0034 AC4, Digital Governor System
31 CD0035 Inspections
32 CD0036 Medical First Aid
33 CD0040 Maritime English, Pilot on the Bridge
34 CD0041 Generator
35 CD0043 Bilge water separator
36 CD0045 Container Lashings - Basic
37 CD0046 Auxiliary boiler plant
38 CD0047 Fuel Combustion Efficiency
39 CD0048 Gas Measurement
40 CD0049 Radar Observation and plotting
41 CD0050 ARPA Theory
42 CD0051 Introduction to Navigation
43 CD0053 HAZMAT - IMDG Code, Basic
44 CD0054 COW
45 CD0055 ODME
46 CD0056 Assessor Training
47 CD0057 Doppler log
48 CD0058 COLREG
49 CD0059 DGPS
50 CD0060 Navigation in lce
51 CD0061 Stability 2
52 CD0063 Mooring
53 CD0064 Electronic Chart Display
54 CD0066 Basic Ship Handling
55 CD0068 BC Code
56 CD0069 Basic Refrigeration Theory
57 CD0070 Food Handling
58 CD0072 Basic Hydraulics
59 CD0073 Crisis Management
60 CD0074 Sultzer Medium Speed Diesel Engine
61 CD0078 Pumps and Pumping Operations
62 CD0082 Crowd Management
63 CD0083 Automation
64 CD0087 Personal Survival and Survival Craft
65 CD0088 Human Relations
66 CD0089 Medical Care
67 CD0091 incinerators
68 CD0092 Introduction to MARPOL
69 CD0093 Wall Wash
70 CD0094 Flexinert Gas Generator, Standard
71 CD0095 English Language Test, Marlins
72 CD0096 Cargo Compatibility
73 CD0097 Ship Energy Efficiency
74 CD0098 Fresh Water Generator
75 CD0099 Low Temperature Insulation on Gas Carriers
76 CD0101 IALA Buoyage
77 CD0102 Safe Cargo Handling - FRAMO
78 CD0103 INS Integrated Navigation System
79 CD0104 Use of Nitrogen (Chemical tanker)
80 CD0109 AIS - Automatic Identification System
81 CD0110 AC4 - SULZER - DENIS 1
82 CD0111 Heavy Weather Damage – Container Vessel
83 CD0112 Zero Damage
84 CD0115 Security awareness
85 CD0116 AC4 - MAN B and W
86 CD0117 Integrated Survey Programme - ISP
87 CD0118 Steering Gear, RAM type
88 CD0121 Ship Security Officer Training System
89 CD0122 ISO 14001 Environmental Management
90 CD0123 Risk assessment and management
91 CD0124 Greasing Mooring Winches and Windlasses
92 CD0125 Hot work
93 CD0127 Enclosed Space Entry
94 CD0130 LRM - IHI GTC
95 CD0131 LRM - MILLS -T|TAN-
96 CD0132 LRM - SHIGI S2
99 CD0139 Awareness of LRRS
100 CD0142 Learning MS Word
101 CD0143 Learning MS Power Point and Outlook
102 CD0144 Learning MS Excel
103 CD0145 SMCP - Distress Urgency and Safety
104 CD0146 SMCP - Navigation and Cargo Handing
105 CD0147 Maritime English, Introduction
106 CD0149 Incident Investigation
107 CD0150 Maritime English, Superintendent Inspection
108 CD0151 HAZMAT - IMDG Code, Advanced
109 CD0152 Hatch Cover Maintenance – Bulk Carrier
110 CD0155 Stowaways, Migrants and Refugees
111 CD0156 Piracy and armed robbery 1
112 CD0157 TMSA 3
113 CD0158 Maritime English, Report Writing
114 CD0160 Fire Fighting, Basic
115 CD0161 Fire Fighting, Advanced
116 CD0162 Separators, ALCAP Separation principles
117 CD0163 Separators, The ALCAP system
118 CD0164 Separators, ALCAP Fuel oil system
119 CD0165 Separators, ALCAP Lube oil system
120 CD0166 Separators, ALCAP Monitoring and control
121 CD0167 Tanker Training System -Familiarisation
122 CD0168 Gas Tanker Training System - Advanced
123 CD0169 Oil Tanker Training System - Advanced
124 CD0170 Chemical Tanker Training System - Advanced
125 CD0172 International Collision Regulations
126 CD0173 Introduction to computers
127 CD0174 Learning MS Word 2003
128 CD0175 Learning MS Excel 2003
129 CD0176 Learning MS PowerPoint 2003
130 CD0177 Learning MS Outlook 2003
131 CD0178 Container Fires
132 CD0179 Marine Fuel Properties ll
133 CD0181 Ship to Ship Transfer Operations
134 CD0183 Electrical safety
135 CD0186 Vessel General Permit - VGP
136 CD0187 Marine environmental awareness
137 CD0190 H2S - Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness A
138 CD0191 Maritime Labour Convention 2006,an Introduction
139 CD0192 MLC 2006 Onboard Responsibilities I
140 CD0193 MLC 2006 Shipowner’s Responsibilities
141 CD0194 Lifestyle assessment and advice
142 CD0195 Physical exercise and lifestyle coaching
143 CD0196 Volatile Organic Compound
144 CD0197 MLC 2006, Basic Introduction
145 CD0211 ECDIS system and chart types
146 CD0212 ECDIS display features
147 CD0213 Passage planning with ECDIS
148 CD0215 Voyage planning, Pre-departure
149 CD0216 Voyage planning, The sea passage
150 CD0217 Voyage planning, Pilotage and berthing
151 CD0218 Oil Record Book, Part I
152 CD0219 Oil Record Book, Part ll
153 CD0220 Galley Operation 1, Workplace and equipment Safety
154 CD0221 Galley Operations, Hygiene
155 CD0222 Galley Operations, Food handling
156 CD0223 Galley operations, Nutrition
157 CD0224 Nutrition and well-being
158 CD0225 Personal survival, Familiarisation
159 CD0226 Personal survival, Survival craft
160 CD0227 Personal survival, Rescue and abandoning ship
161 CD0228 Fire-Fighting, Advanced, Management of Fire-Fighting
162 CD0229 Fire-Fighting, Advanced, Hazards and tactics
163 CD0230 High Voltage, Fundamentals
164 CD0231 High Voltage, Ship’s electrical networks
165 CD0232 High Voltage, Equipment and testing A
166 CD0233 High Voltage, Management on Ships A
167 CD0234 Electric Propulsion, Fundamentals
168 CD0235 Electric Propulsion, Electrical
169 CD0235 Electric Propulsion, Electrical machines
170 CD0236 Electric Propulsion, Power electronics
171 CD0237 Electric Propulsion, Systems for ships
172 CD0240 Bunker Fraud
173 CD0241 Development of Heavy Weather
174 CD0242 Heavy Weather Navigation
175 CD0245 Safe operation and maintenance of grinding wheels
176 CD0246 Piracy and armed robbery II
177 CD0247 Anchor Mooring Procedures
178 CD0250 Conflict Management.
179 CD0251 Culture.
180 CD0252 Active Listening.
181 CD0253 Corrective Feedback.
182 CD0254 Meeting Management.
183 CD0255 Question Techniques.
184 CD0256 Team Leadership.
185 CD0257 Stress Management
186 CD0258 SEEMP
187 CD0260 Behaviour Based Safety
188 CD0261 Mentoring
189 CD0263 Principles of assessment
190 CD0264 Onboard assessment
191 CD0265 Shore based assessment
192 CD0271 Leadership, Communication for maritime leaders
193 CD0272 Leadership, Maritime conventions
194 CD0273 Leadership, Shipboard Personnel Management and Training
195 CD0274 Leadership, Task and workload management
196 CD0275 Leadership, Effective resource management
197 CD0275.01 Leadership, Effective resource management, Part 1
198 CD0275.02 Leadership, Effective resource management, Part 2
199 CD0276 Leadership, Decision making techniques
200 CD0277 Marine environmental awareness, Environmental challenges
201 CD0278 Marine environmental awareness, Sustainable shipping
202 CD0280 Engineering operations in cold environments
203 CD0281 Personal safety in cold environments
204 CD0282 Hot work, Doing the job safely
205 CD0283 Hot work, Management of hot work
206 CD0285 Enclosed space entry, Awareness
207 CD0286 Crane operations, Heavy lift
208 CD0287 Inspection of mooring lines
209 CD0288 Green Passport (Inventory of Hazardous Materials)
210 CD0289 Learning MS Word 2007
211 CD0290 Learning MS Excel 2007
212 CD0291 Learning MS PowerPoint 2007
213 CD0292 Learning MS Outlook 2007
214 CD0297 Recovery of persons from the water
215 CD0298 Use of Liferafts
216 CD0299 SIRE inspections
217 CD0300 Rigging and Slinging
218 CD0301 Crane Operations
219 CD0302 Permit to work
220 CD0303 COLREGs, Lights, shapes and sound signals
221 CD0304 COLREGs, Conduct of vessels
222 CD0306 Incident investigation, Cause and effect
223 CD0307 Incident investigation, Investigation techniques
224 CD0310 Working at height
225 CD0311 Vessel inspection and CMID
226 CD0316 Anchor handling operation
227 CD0317 Lifting and Slinging, Equipment and operation
228 CD0318 Lifting and Slinging, Roles and responsibility
229 CD0319 Periodic maintenance and inspection of lifting equipment
230 CD0320 Personal safety for offshore vessels
231 CD0329 Vessel inspection and OVID
232 CD0330 GOMO awareness
233 CD0334 Deck safety for supply vessels
234 CD0335 Deck safety for anchor handlers
235 CD0336 Back deck safety for seismic vessels
236 CD0337 Fresh water management
237 CD0338 Fresh water system sanitation
238 CD0340 Introduction to bulk carriers
239 CD0341 Liquefying cargoes
240 CD0342 Common bulk cargoes
241 CD0343 Preparation for loading bulk carriers
242 CD0344 Loading bulk carriers
243 CD0345 Hull structural strength
244 CD0346 Personal safety and environmental protection
245 CD0347 Bulk carriers, Trim and stability
246 CD0348 Bulk carrier voyage
247 CD0349 Bulk Carriers, Unloading
248 CD0358 SOPEP, Your role
249 CD0360 Crude oil tankers, Control of flow rates during loading
250 CD0361 Crude oil tankers, Control of flow rates during discharge
251 CD0362 Crude oil tankers, Crude oil washing planning
252 CD0363 Crude oil tankers. Practical crude oil washing operations
253 CD0364 Crude oil tankers, Practical crude oil
254 CD0370 Mooring, Risk assessment and management
255 CD0371 Mooring, Safe handling and good practice
256 CD0378 Garbage and waste management
257 CD0380 ISO 9001
258 CD0385 Occupational health and safety management system
259 CD0387 Enclosed space entry, Hazard awareness and preparations for entry
260 CD0388 Enclosed space entry, The entry operation
261 CD0389 Enclosed space entry, Emergencies and rescue
262 CD0390 Harassment and bullying
263 CD0391 Fatigue management
264 CD0395 Gas carrier, Basic principles
265 CD0396 Gas carrier, Cargo cooling systems, introduction
266 CD0397 Gas carrier, Cargo cooling systems, advanced
267 CD0398 Gas carrier, Cargo cooling equipment
268 CD0400 Container ships, Introduction to Cargo Operations
269 CD0403 Container ships - Securing cargo awareness
270 CD0404 Container ships - Securing cargo arrangements
271 CD0406 Container ships, Familiarity with reefer containers
272 CD0407 Container ships, Care of reefer cargo
273 CD0414 Fuel oil bunkering, Good bunkering practice
274 CD0415 Fuel Oil Bunkering, Effective Practice
275 CD0416 Fuel oil bunkering, Understanding test results
276 CD0418 Bilge water Separator, Part 1
277 CD0419 Bilge Water Separator, Part 2
278 CD0420 Lockout Tag-out
279 CD0421 Ballast Water Management, the BMW Convention
280 CD0422 Ballast Water Management, BWM Systems
281 CD0425 Gas measurement, A safe atmosphere
282 CD0426 Gas measurement, Measuring instruments
283 CD0427 Navigation in cold environments
284 CD0428 Passage planning in cold environments
285 CD0460 Engine room emergencies, Recovery from a blackout
286 CD0481 Separators, S-type separator
287 CD0482 Fixed Firefighting systems for engine rooms
288 CD0483 Introduction to two-stroke diesel engines
289 CD0484 Diesel engine diagnostics
290 CD0485 Introduction to four-stroke diesel engines
291 CD0500 Pilot ladders
292 CD0501 Gangway security
293 CD0502 Human behaviours, How did that happen?
294 CD0510 Onboard paint maintenance, Inspection, planning and stock-keeping
295 CD0511 Onboard paint maintenance, Health and safety
296 CD0512 Onboard paint maintenance, Surface preparation
297 CD0513 Onboard paint maintenance, Paint preparation and application
298 CD0514 Onboard paint maintenance, Corrosion
299 CD0515 Onboard paint maintenance, Paint technology and coating life-cycle
300 CD0520 Elementary First aid, Principles of first aid
301 CD0521 Elementary First aid, Assessing the casualty
302 CD0522 Elementary First aid, Facilities and equipment
303 CD0523 Elementary First aid, Causes of unconsciousness
304 CD0524 Elementary First aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
305 CD0525 Elementary First aid, Automated external defibrillator
306 CD0526 Elementary First aid, Bleeding and bandaging
307 CD0527 Elementary First aid, Burns
308 CD0528 Elementary First aid, Shock
309 CD0529 Elementary First aid, Fractures and dislocations
310 CD0530 Elementary First aid, Transporting a casualty
311 CD0531 Elementary First aid, Spinal injuries
312 CD0532 Elementary First aid, Electric shock
313 CD0551 Slips, trips and falls
314 CD0555 Workshop safety
315 CD0556 Hand tools safety
316 CD0570 Resilience, Positivity, perspective and confidence
317 CD0571 Resilience, Adapting to change
318 CD0572 Resilience, Connecting with others
319 CD0573 Resilience, Wellbeing and purpose
320 CD0574 Safety data sheets
321 CD0576 Use of PPE
322 CD0583 Oil spill response
323 CD0584 Tank inspection, Ballast compartments
324 CD0586 Fire-Fighting, Effective boundary cooling
325 CD0587 SCBA, Effective control in an emergency
326 CD0591 Effective fire drills
327 CD0592 Effective lifeboat drills
328 CD0593Effective security drills
329 CD0594 Shin inspections
330 CD0595 Inspection and maintenance of safety equipment
331 CD0596 On board familiarisation, Introduction
332 CD0597 Portable tanks, Carrying dangerous goods
333 CD0598 Search techniques, Ships and stowaway searches
334 CD0599 Search techniques, Personnel and baggage searches
335 CD0600 CEMS - Crew Endurance Management System
336 CD0601 Vapour Control Systems
337 CD0602 Benzene Cargo Safety
338 CD0604 Eye Injury Prevention
339 CD0605 Workplace Ergonomics and Back Care
340 CD0606 Hearing Conservation
341 CD0608 Drug and Alcohol Policy and Testing
342 CD0612 Respiratory Protection
343 CD0630 Boiler furnace explosions
344 CD0670 Separators, S-type maintenance part 1
345 CD0671 Separators, P-type maintenance part 1
346 CD0672 Separators, S-type and P-type maintenance part 2
347 CD0673 Back to basics, Engine room rounds part one
348 CD0674 Back to basics, Engine room rounds part two
349 CD1510 MAERSK LINE ISO 14001
353 CD1540 Cylinder Condition Evaluation Guidelines
354 CD1543 WHR System, Output Maximisation
355 CD1544 WHR System. Voyage Planning
357 CD1555 MAERSK LINE Environmental Training, Advanced
358 CD2402 Fire-Fighting, Advanced, Management of fire-fighting
359 CD2403 Fire-Fighting, Advanced, Hazards and tactics
360 CD2404 Personal survival, Familiarisation
361 CD2405 Personal survival, Survival craft
362 CD2406 Personal survival, Rescue and abandoning ship
363 CD2520 Fuel oil bunkering, Good bunkering practice I
364 CD2524 Safety data sheets
365 CD2541 Effective Fire drills
366 CD2543 Effective security drills
367 CD2551 SOPEP, Your role
368 CD4000 Seagull ECDIS Simulator
369 CD4010 Maris ECDIS
370 CD4011 Consilium ECDIS
371 CD4012 Kelvin Hughes ECDIS
372 CD4013 Tokyo Keiki ECDIS
373 CD4014 JRC ECDIS
374 CD4015 SAM Electronics ECDIS CHARTPILOT 93×0/1100
375 CD4016 SAM Electronics ECDISPILOT 1, Basic and Platinum
376 CD4017 SAM Electronics ECDISPILOT 2, Basic and Platinum
377 CD4019 Tokyo Keiki ECDIS, EC 8000A, 8100, 8500A, 8600
378 CD4020 JRC ECDIS, models JAN-7201, 9201 and ‘S’ series
379 CD4054 VettingAss1
380 CD4055 VettingAss2
381 CD4060 Social Media awareness
382 CD4064 Cyber security, Awareness
383 CD4090 Tokyo Keiki ECDIS
384 CD4091 TECDIS
385 CD407010 Transas ECDIS, Assessment
386 CD407611 Sperry ECDIS, Assessment
387 CD4101 Tank Cleaning 1, Introduction and Safety
388 CD4102 Tank Cleaning 2, Principles of Tank Cleaning
389 CD4103 Tank Cleaning 3, Planning of Tank Cleaning Operations
390 CD4127 Ex7
391 CD4150 Norwegian maritime rules and regulations
392 CD7001 TOTS1A-Ship Handling and Characteristics
393 CD7002 TOTS 1A-Pilotage
394 CD7003 TOTS 1A-Mooring Equipment and Operations
395 CD7004 TOTS 1A-Passage Planning and Navigation
396 CD7005 TOTS 1A-Navigating in Restricted Visibility
397 CD7006 TOTS 1A-Heavy Weather Navigation
398 CD7007 TOTS 1A-Emergencies, Drills and Fire Fighting
399 CD7008 TOTS 1A-Ship and Shore Interface
400 CD7009 TOTS 1A-Ship to Ship Transfer
401 CD7010 TOTS 1A-Helicopter Operations
402 CD7011 TOTS 1A-Pollution Prevention and Environmental
403 CD7012 TOTS 1A-General Tanker Section
404 CD7013 TOTS 1A-The Flammability Diagram
405 CD7014 TOTS 1A-Fixed and Portable Gas Detec. Systems
406 CD7015 TOTS 1A-Enclosed Spaces and Tank Atmosphere.
407 CD7016 TOTS 1A-Familiarisation prior Cargo Operations
408 CD7017 TOTS 1A-Cargo Information, Precautions..
409 CD7020 TOTS 1B-Engine Room Operations - manoeuvring
410 CD7021 TOTS 1B-Engine Room Operations- special circumst.
411 CD7022 TOTS 1B-Watch keeping in the Engine Room
412 CD7023 TOTS 1B-Operation, monitoring, machinery
413 CD7024 TOTS 1B-Electrical, Electronic and Operations
414 CD7025 TOTS 1B-Maintenance and Repair
415 CD7026 TOTS 1B-Control of operations – Care of personnel
416 CD7027 TOTS 1B-Management of the Engineering Department
417 CD7028 TOTS 1B-Emergencies, Drills and Fire Fighting
418 CD7029 TOTS 1B-Pollution Prevention and Environmental
419 CD7030 TOTS 1B-General Tanker Section
420 CD7031 TOTS 1B-The Flammability Diagram
421 CD7032 TOTS 1B-Fixed and Portable Gas Detections Systems
422 CD7033 TOTS 1B-Enclosed Spaces and Tank Atmosphere.
423 CD7034 TOTS 1B-Familiarisation prior Cargo Operations
424 CD7035 TOTS 1B-Cargo Information, Precautions.
425 CD7040 TOTS1C-Ship Handling and Characteristics
426 CD7041 TOTS 1C-Pilotage
427 CD7042 TOTS 1C-Mooring Equipment and Operations
428 CD7043 TOTS 1C-Emergencies, Drills and Fire Fighting
429 CD7044 TOTS 1C-Passage Planning and Navigation
430 CD7045 TOTS 1C-Navigating in Restricted Visibility
431 CD7046 TOTS 1C-Heavy Weather Navigation
432 CD7047 TOTS 1C-General Tanker Section
433 CD7048 TOTS 1C-The Flammability Diagram
434 CD7049 TOTS 1C-Fixed and Portable Gas Detections Systems
435 CD7050 TOTS 1C-Enclosed Spaces and Tank Atmosphere..
436 CD7051 TOTS 1C-Familiarisation prior Cargo Operations
437 CD7052 TOTS 1C-Cargo Information, Precautions.
438 CD7053 TOTS 1C-Engine room operations during manoeuvring
439 CD7054 TOTS 1C-Watchkeeping in the Engine Room
440 CD7055 TOTS 1C-Operation, monitoring, machinery
441 CD7056 TOTS 1C-Maintenance and Repair
442 CD7057 TOTS 1C-Control of Operations - Care of Persons
443 CD7058 TOTS 1C-Management of the Engineering Department
444 CD7059 TOTS 1C-Pollution and Environment Protection
445 CD8524 8524
446 CD8525 8525
447 CD8527 Fall Protection
448 CD8532 Ex basic refresher and assessment
449 CD8533 Electrical installation in Ex-area
450 CD8534 Electrical Exi installation
451 CD8535 Cables, cable entry and IP-degree in Ex-area
452 CD8536 Ex inspection and maintenance
453 CD8537 Exi protection concepts (Exi a,b,c,nL)
454 CD8538 Exi components in Ex zone and safe zone
455 CD8539 Exi verification and documentation
456 CD8540 Exi installation and inspection
457 CD8562 Ex Basic, Ex theory and area classification
458 CD8563 Ex Basic, Ex equipment
459 CD8564 Ex Basic, Protection concepts
460 CD8565 Ex Basic, Protection concepts Exi
461 CD8566 Ex Basic, Ex protection in practice
462 CD8567 Ex Basic, Assessment

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