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SimpleStow for Container Trial Version

Year: 20??
Developer: Amt Marine
Platform: Windows
System Requirements: Windows 8 higher
Localization: english
Crack: TRIAL
Description: SimpleStow is our flagship program designed specifically for stowage planning of container vessels and container data processing.SimpleStow splash screen
It is primarily intended for planners in shipping lines tonnage centers, on container terminals, marine and government agencies and for other categories of marine professionals involved in ship planning, exchange and processing of cargo information.
The program is compact, intuitive and easy to use.
However, don’t be deceived by its name – SimpleStow is a powerful full-featured container planning software that provides all essential tools for effective stowage planning, reporting, documentation and electronic data interchange.
If you:
are looking for an economic alternative to a bulky, complex and expensive container stowage planning software system;
have limited access to ship’s documentation;
work with ever changing fleet of multiple ships, some of them you may deal with only once and never see them again;
have limited time to order ship models from a software manufacturer and would rather make them yourself;
want an efficient ship planning and cargo data processing tool to be integrated in your in-house information system,
then give SimpleStow a try.
SimpleStow Highlights:
Integrated System
SimpleStow is an integrated software system that, in addition to the ship planning program itself, includes two essential components:
Ship ModelEditor – a graphical utility program where a user can easily and quickly create his own ship models; and
Web-based ever-expanding collection of the readily available ship models created and shared by all users of the system. The models can be instantly downloaded by the registered users of the system without any additional charges and fees.
Read more about how the system works …
Graphical Interface
SimpleStow utilizes the latest technologies in graphical presentation of container stowage plans and cargo data on the screen and in the printed reports.
Voyage Scenario
SimpleStow works on the concept of entire voyage scenario. Unlike some other programs, it does not work with just a snapshot of ship’s loading condition in one port. Instead it gives the user ability to plan the ship through the entire voyage providing feedback on possible stowage conflicts that may arise not only in the currently planned port, but in ports up and down the voyage.
Cargo List
Ship planning starts from analysis of Cargo or Booking List. SimpleStow provides well-developed set of functions to sort, filter, group, search and process container data.
Stowage Methods
In addition to easy to use drag-and-drop method, the ship planning process in SimpleStow is facilitated by the set of built-in customizable stowage rules and automatic checks of stowage conflicts and limitations.
Read more about stowage methods, rules and conflict checks …
Electronic Data Interchange
SimpleStow provides very efficient tools to exchange data with third party software and external databases in standard UN EDIFACT and in custom user-defined structured text formats. It supports standard EDI messages BAPLIE 3.1 and VERMAS allowing to exchange container Verified Gross Mass (VGM) required by the SOLAS VI/2 amendment.
Program Customization
With the aid of program controls the user himself can easily customize the interface, contents and appearance of cargo information and Electronic Data Interchange formats to his needs and preferences. On the corporate level the custom settings and preferences can be instantly replicated on all computers by distributing one settings file.
Ship Models
The users of SimpleStow can download ship models from the AMT web site without limitations, or create their own models and share them with their colleagues.
Program Licensing
The software is licensed per workstation on a yearly subscription basis. The software license grants unlimited number of ship models, unrestricted access and use of the web-based ship models collection and supporting services provided by AMT.
Additional info: Use this as an activation key V6VAedQBrUvrqhYt


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