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The American Accent Courses

Year: 201x
Language: english
Author: Lisa Mojsin
Genre: Training courses
Format: AVI / MP4
Video: MPEG2 Video 720x480 (4:3) 29.97fps 7000kbps [Video]
Audio: LPCM 48000Hz stereo 1536kbps [LPCM]
Video: MSMPEG4v2 640x480 25fps [Stream 00]
Audio: Dolby AC3 44100Hz stereo 128kbps [Stream 01]
Description: American Accent Training and Advanced English Fluency *
Improve your pronunciation and speak English with confidence, clarity and accuracy!
Learn many rules and exceptions which are generally not taught in English classes, including some important differences between British and American English.
Learn anywhere, anytime. Watch the videos from any mobile device or computer.
Lisa Mojsin has over 20 years of experience in speech preparation for Hollywood actors, TV announcers, Microsoft employees, Hewlett Packard, professors, students
and hundreds of engineers, lawyers, businessmen from various backgrounds. She is also the director of Accurate English and the author of "Mastering the American Accent"
Training video is over hours long and contains all those rules that will help you learn to speak English with an American accent clearly, confidently and clearly.
Watch, Listen and Learn


1. Lisa Mojsin - The American Accent Courses – 50 Rules You Must Know
+DVD1. Vowel Sounds of American English
All the vowel sounds in detail plus clear explanations of difficult sounds. Bonus: practice hundreds of idiomatic expressions using the correct vowel sounds.
+DVD2. Difficult Consonant Sounds
Learn the correct mouth and tongue positions of the difficult consonants, plus download audio dialogues containing idiomatic expression which contain the new sounds.
+DVD3. Rhythm and Intonation
One of the most important courses for improving your accent. Learn the natural rhythm and music of English. All the rules you need to know.
+DVD4. How Americans Really Talk
Advanced topics such as the 4 rules of linking, reductions, and contraction and casual vs.formal speech.

2. Lisa Mojsin - The American Accent Courses - Say It Correctly!

+Say it Correctly - The American Accent Course (video one)
+Say it Correctly - The American Accent Course (video two)


File Listing For: [\The American Accent Courses]
Lisa Mojsin - The American Accent Courses - Say It Correctly! [DIRECTORY]
Lisa Mojsin - The American Accent Courses – 50 Rules You Must Know [DIRECTORY]
--------------Lisa Mojsin - The American Accent Courses - Say It Correctly!--------------
Say it Correctly - The American Accent Course (video one).mp4 [542 MB]
Say it Correctly - The American Accent Course (video two).mp4 [492 MB]
------------Lisa Mojsin - The American Accent Courses – 50 Rules You Must Know------------
DVD1. Vowel Sounds of American English [DIRECTORY]
DVD2. Difficult Consonant Sounds [DIRECTORY]
DVD3. Rhythm and Intonation [DIRECTORY]
DVD4. How Americans Really Talk [DIRECTORY]
--------------------------DVD1. Vowel Sounds of American English--------------------------
Introduction to Course.avi [14 MB]
Introduction to Vowels.avi [152 MB]
Rule 1. Understanding Neutral and Tense Vowels.avi [62 MB]
Rule 10. Understanding Reduced Vowels.avi [101 MB]
Rule 2. Sit or Seat.avi [157 MB]
Rule 3. Cop or Cup.avi [133 MB]
Rule 4. Pool or Pull.avi [83 MB]
Rule 5. AE as in Apple.avi [62 MB]
Rule 6. As in Ball.avi [57 MB]
Rule 7. OU as in Most.avi [57 MB]
Rule 8. As in Her.avi [76 MB]
Rule 9. Understanding Stressed Vowels.avi [74 MB]
-----------------------------DVD2. Difficult Consonant Sounds-----------------------------
Introduction.avi [51 MB]
Rule 1. Fully Pronouncing Each Sound.avi [113 MB]
Rule 10. T Between Two Vowels.avi [100 MB]
Rule 11. T Followed by N.avi [92 MB]
Rule 12. The ING Sound.avi [82 MB]
Rule 13. TR and DR Sounds.avi [101 MB]
Rule 14. TU and DU Sounds.avi [106 MB]
Rule 15. ED Endings.avi [168 MB]
Rule 2. Voiced and Voiceless Consonants.avi [151 MB]
Rule 3. TH Sound.avi [134 MB]
Rule 4. The American L Sound.avi [91 MB]
Rule 5. The American R Sound.avi [101 MB]
Rule 6. The W Sound.avi [100 MB]
Rule 7. The V and W Sounds.avi [110 MB]
Rule 8. The S and Z Sounds.avi [164 MB]
Rule 9. Stops and Continuants.avi [200 MB]
-------------------------------DVD3. Rhythm and Intonation-------------------------------
Introduction.avi [91 MB]
Rule 1. Basics of Syllable Stress.avi [163 MB]
Rule 10. Rules for Stressing Phrasal Verbs.avi [100 MB]
Rule 11. Names of Places and People.avi [56 MB]
Rule 12. Abbreviations and Numbers.avi [104 MB]
Rule 13. Stress for Special Emphasis.avi [110 MB]
Rule 14. Rising and Falling Intonation.avi [185 MB]
Rule 15. Changing Information.avi [140 MB]
Rule 2. Syllables of Verbs and Nouns.avi [80 MB]
Rule 3. ATE Words.avi [110 MB]
Rule 4. Stress Rules for Suffixes.avi [98 MB]
Rule 5. How Unstressed Syllables Work.avi [228 MB]
Rule 6. Basics of Stressing the Right Words within Sentences.avi [181 MB]
Rule 7. Focus Words and Thought Groups.avi [147 MB]
Rule 8. How to Stress Adjectives and Nouns.avi [103 MB]
Rule 9. Compound Nouns.avi [84 MB]
-----------------------------DVD4. How Americans Really Talk-----------------------------
Introduction.avi [77 MB]
Rule 1. Linking Consonant to Vowel.avi [316 MB]
Rule 10. Relaxed Speech.avi [270 MB]
Rule 2. Linking Consonant to Consonant.avi [291 MB]
Rule 3. Linking Vowel to Vowel.avi [170 MB]
Rule 4. Reducing Words Part 1.avi [264 MB]
Rule 5. Reducing Words Part 2.avi [193 MB]
Rule 6. Contractions.avi [231 MB]
Rule 7. Difficult Contractions.avi [181 MB]
Rule 8. Dropped Syllables.avi [225 MB]
Rule 9. Difficult Words.avi [178 MB]


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