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Year: 1994
Language: english
Author: J. H. CLOUGH-SMITH, B.Sc. (Lond.) Extra-Master, F.R.I.N.
Genre: Textbook
Publisher: Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd, Glasgow.
Edition: Fifth
ISBN: 0 85174 319 6
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 618
This book does not claim to be a general textbook on physics, or mechanics, or hydrostatics. On the contrary, it is written with a strictly limited objective in view, namely, to cover the syllabus in General Science laid down by the Merchant Navy Training Board
for the training of apprentices at sea This purpose has been kept in mind throughout, though not to the extent of india restricting the scope of the book, nor so as to prevent an orderly development of cach subject. It is hoped, therefore, that the book may be found useful in those schools providing courses in General Science for Cadets prior to going to
In addition to covering the syllabus laid down the author had in mind the difficulties under which many apprentices study at sea, and the needs of those students have been carefully considered. Particularly in the sections on mechanics and hydrostatics, explain ation has been reduced to a minimum and excessive "wordiness" avoided. There are plenty of worked examples, and other examples for the student to practise on. Thus, the book may be helpful to apprentices who are following a correspondence course with one of the nautical schools. General Science is not a subject of the examination for the
Second Mates' Certificate - at least, not under that name and
perhaps it is for this reason that apprentices and junior officers have
never been over anxious to devote time to its study. There has been
a tendency to pick up items of knowledge piecemeal, as some particular ship-board problem demanded, while basic principles remain neglected. This practice has very little to recommend it in fact, a sound knowledge of basic principles is essential. The author hopes, therefore, that the practical applications of these principles to so many shipboard problems will encourage junior officers to study this book. It should be borne in mind that the Merchant Navy Training Board syllabus was very carefully drawn up in order to provide a sound basis for the professional
examinations. It is not saying too much therefore, when we say a junior officer ought to know it all. There is nothing in these pages that he will not encounter at some other time or other in his examinations from Second Mate to Master, and even the student for Extra-Master may find this a useful starting point from which to proceed with his serious studies.
The author greatly appreciates the permission accorded by the Merchant Navy Training Board to include their syllabus and also to use many of the questions previously set at their examinations. He is also grateful to the Controller of H.M. Stationery Office for permission to use some illustrations from the Marine Observer's Handbook and other official publications. The kind co-operation of the British Thomson-Houston Co., Lid., and of the Baldwin Instrument Co. Ltd., in supplying illustrations of their equipment is also gratefully acknowledged.
In conclusion, the author would warmly thank his colleagues in the Cardiff College of Technology and Commerce and in other Nautical Schools for their invaluable advice, so readily given. It is acknowledged with gratitude that many portions of the book are much improved as a result of incorporating the helpful criticisms and suggestions received.
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