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Glory of the Seas

Year: 1970
Language: english
Author: Mjelde M.J.
Genre: History
Publisher: Marine Historical Association
ISBN: 978-0-8195-4015-7
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 306
Description: This first volume in the American Maritime Library is the story of a great clipper ship and of the men who built and sailed her. Constructed in 1869, the golden noontime of American windjammers, Glory of the Seas was the last of Donald McKay’s many masterpieces. For forty years she roamed the world’s oceans, carrying the world’s cargoes, finding her share of adventure and triumph, earning her keep for her owners. In the end, like the bulk of windships, she fell on evil days. She passed her final decade in hauling coal along the Pacific coast and in serving as a floating fish cannery. In 1923, reduced to a hulk, she was fed to the flames.
In this marvelously detailed and exciting book, Michael Jay Mjelde tells the story of Glory in full.
He describes how she was fitted and found, how she was rerigged and altered as her functions changed, how she was worked under all conditions, whether on the grain run between Sydney and San Francisco, bucking the dirty weather off Cape Horn, or plying the Atlantic shipping lanes to British ports.
He pays full attention to the outstanding men who were her masters: hard-driving John Giet; Josiah Knowles from Cape Cod, under whom Glory made record runs from New York to the Golden Gate and again from San Francisco to Australia; Daniel McLaughlin, the “bluenose” from Nova Scotia; Joshua Freeman, who commanded her on eighty-one voyages over eighteen years.
He laces his account with good human stories — how Glory's crew, on shore leave, drank a brewery dry; how Knowles survived shipwreck on Pitcairn Island; how Mrs. Freeman turned the captain’s quarters into a New England home. Nor does he neglect the series of owners, brokers, and charterers who saw — or failed to see — to Glory’s business affairs.
No book of such range and scope has ever before been written about an American clipper ship. This is the stuff of history, and first-rate reading as well.
Additional info: Michael Jay Mjelde, engineering draftsman of Bremerton, Washington, has worked on the restoration of sailing vessels for the San Francisco Historical Monument. Twelve years of close research — into all kinds of official and unofficial documentary sources, and into the memories of dozens of people who were in some way connected with Glory of the Seas — have gone into this book. The sail and construction plans among its illustrations are his own.



Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 7)

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