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The Schooner - Its Design and Development from 1600 to the Present

Year: 1997
Language: english
Author: MacGregor D.R.
Genre: History
Publisher: Chatham Publishing
ISBN: 1861760205
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 193
Description: The schooner rig has always been associated with speed and elegance, and with the romance of privateers and illicit trade; but it has also been employed in just about every conceivable seafaring role over four centuries and across the world's seas and oceans. This book is a comprehensive history of the rig's development from its emergence in Holland in the early years of the seventeenth century right up to the present when it is experiencing a renaissance in the world of luxury charter. In this broad-ranging survey the author describes in detail the development of this beautiful rig and gives examples of all these types; in doing so he tells a rich and varied story which delves into every corner of maritime history.



Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 12)

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