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Bonhomme Richard 1779

Year: 1987
Language: english
Author: Boudriot J.
Genre: History
Publisher: Boudriot
ISBN: 2903178194
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 92
Description: This book deals with a vessel belonging to the early navy of the United States of America. The ship won fame during the American Revolutionary War under the command of the famous captain John Paul Jones. A former East India Company 900-ton ship, it was repurchased by Louis XVI in order for John Paul Jones to take its command.
Le Bonhomme Richard (whose name is an homage to Benjamin Franklin 's Poor Richard's Almanack) headed up a division in a very bold privateer campaign on the English coasts. This campaign ended in a violent and spectacular fight against the English vessel SERAPIS and its capture in September 1779.
The goal of this monograph is a reconstruction of Le Bonhomme Richard in its most genuine form. Jean Boudriot was the only person capable of doing so, with his intricate knowledge of the East India Company's navy. He presents here a vessel built in France but sailing under the Stars and Stripes, thus furthering our knowledge of the French navy at the time of the American Revolutionary War.


A 64-page brochure, 24x31cm format, including :
- John Paul Jones, US NAVY vessel captain
- The battle of Cape Flaniborough
- Remarks on reconstructing Le Bonhomme Richard
- Commentaries on the plates
- Rigging rules
- Guns
- Note on metal works
- Marks and flags, paint
- Presentations of models
- The designs are intended to facilitate construction of the framework.
Set of 26 plates at 1:48 scale
(except plates 24, 25 and 26 at 1:64 scale) including :
- Frame, waterlines, sections
- Wooded frame ; structure
- Layout of the structure of the hull, drawing of all frames at 1:48 scale
- Design of decks
- Cross and longitudinal sections
- Ship's boat, anchors, guns
- Fittings
- Masts and spars, rigging, sails
- Definition of the hull at 1:64 scale
Bonhomme Richard PDF
Bonhomme Richard anglais
Author : Jean Boudriot
Size of the model
Length With Height
Hull 86 22 24
Model rigged 110 62 87
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