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Voyage Data Recorder, VDR and SVDR

Year: 2019
Language: english
Author: North of England P&I Association
Genre: Practical guide
Publisher: North of England P&I Association
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 7
Description: The primary purpose of a voyage data recorder (VDR) or a simplified voyage data recorder (S-VDR) is to store informations, in a secure and retrievable form, concerning the position, movement, physical status, command and control of a vessel. This information is needed during any subsequent investigation to identify the causes of the incident. All cargo ships over 3000 GRT constructed after 2002 and all passenger ships are required to be fitted with a Voyage Data Recorder (VDR). All cargo ships over 3000 GRT built before 2002 must be fitted with a VDR or a Simplified VDR (S-VDR). All VDRs and S-VDRs are subject to an annual performance test, conducted by an approved servicing facility, to verify the accuracy, duration and recoverability of the recorded data.
North is a marine insurer company focused on safety culture and loss prevention, that also provides technical and operational expertise. These publications are on VDR and SVDR. The folder contains 2 pdf documents, issued by North of England P&I Association;
1. VDR and SVDR (5 pages) expalins purposes and functions of a VDR/SVDR device, the type of inputs a VDR stores, monitoring, training and drill procedures concerning VDRs.
2. Voyage Data Recorder; Advice for Ship’s Crew (2 pages) instructs the crew to properly allocate, connect, check and review the VDR on board. It also instructs crew about under what circumstances VDR data should be saved, and the fact that saving and recovering of VDR data should form part of a ship’s emergency response procedures and drills.


What is VDR?
IMO Requirements
VDR & S-VDR Inputs
VDR & S-VDR Typical Equipment Interfaces
VDR typical equipment interfaces
S-VDR typical equipment interfaces
Download & Playback Problems
Monitoring & Training
Increase Playback Time
Remote Playback Facilities
Drills and Exercises
Consider up-grading
2. Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) - Advice for Ship’s Crew
Know your VDR
Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) Further Advice for Owners and Managers
Common problems
System Limitations and new technology
Pro-Active Use of VDR Data


Voyage Data Recorder


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