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Bridge watch handover

Year: 2017
Language: english
Genre: Educational
Playtime: ~ 18 min
Quality: DVD5
Format: VOB
Video: 1 881 kb/s / 720x576 / 16:9 / 25 FPS
Audio: 320 kb/s / 48.0 kHz
Description: Handing over a navigational watch is a commonplace event on board, but it‘s essential that it‘s done properly to maintain the safety of the vessel, the crew, the environment, and any nearby vessels.
The main aim with this video is to underline the principles and practices of a safe and effective handover of the navigational watch.
Legislation & references
- ICS Bridge Procedures Guide
- MGN 315 Keeping a Safe Navigational Watch on Merchant Vessels
- IMO Resolution A.285(VIII)
Learning objectives
- Explain the importance of continuity when changing over a navigational bridge watch
- List the information that should be exchanged when handing over a navigational bridge watch
- Explain the relevance of ensuring that the relieving watch is fully adjusted to the prevailing light conditions
- State the procedures to be followed if there is any concern when handing over, or taking over, a navigational bridge watch
- Describe alternative procedures that might apply to account for additional operations happening at the time of watch handover
- List the items to be documented at the time of watch handover
- State circumstances when a watch should not be handed over




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