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Year: 2021
Language: english
Author: NEPIA
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 20
Description: Welcome to Slgnals edtion 122, which
signifles the end ofan era. Theshipping
industry is embarking on steps to go
green and we are making olrrown,
albeit less radical, contrlbLrtion to the
envlronment. This issue of Signals wil
be the lastto be printed;from April
onwards, you wil rece ve yourcopyin
digita format only.
At North, we are very aware ofthe need to
operate in asustainable mannerand we
arecontinually looking atour processes in
order to reduce our carbon footprint.
We appreciate that many ofyou prefer to
read apapermagazine, butwe hope that
youwi lagreethattocontinueprinting,
packaging and distributing Signa sto our
worldwlde readership is no longer
sustainable. P ease restassured thatyou
wil stillhave access to our news and
insights ln the digitaleditlon.
Keeping with thetheme of sustainability,
the llYO have set out how they wlll
regulate CO, emlssions from shipping,
and we look at what this means.
Elsewhere in this packed issue, we ookat
the rlsk of iiq uefaction from bu k cargoes,
atimely and important health warning on
letters of lndemn ity, handling angry
stowaways, carryinq out effective
pollution drilsand much, much more.




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