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JRC AIS JHS-183 Instruct Manual

Year: 2020
Language: english
Author: JRC
Genre: Manual
Publisher: JRC
Edition: 1
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 134
Description: The JHS-183 AIS is a ship borne system capable of regularly broadcasting own ship’s unique information and continually receiving and displaying information broadcast from other vessels. The AIS can "see around corners", allowing avoidance of dangers before visual contact has been established. All ship’s information including static and voyage related data such as the ship’s name and cargo, as well as its dynamic navigational information, i.e., position, course, and speed can be transmitted and received.
The JHS-183 is an important piece of navigation equipment onboard for collision avoidance and maneuvering. The information broadcast from other ships displayed on the AIS, together with the geographical information shown on the radar or ECDIS provides highly important data for strategic decisions and for prompt contact with other ships. The JHS-183 is able to display up to 200 AIS targets and the excellent on-screen menus will greatly shorten most users' learning period.
• Be sure to read this manual before using the equipment.
• Keep this manual near at hand for quick reference.



JRC AIS JHS-183 Instruct Manual.pdf


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