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Bridge Resource Management Guidance

Year: 2020
Language: english
Author: UK Chamber of Shipping
Genre: Guide
Publisher: Witherby Publishing Group Ltd
Edition: 1st Edition December 2020
ISBN: 9781856099554
Format: PDF
Quality: Unknown
Pages count: 65
Description: ‘Bridge Resource Management Guidance’ is an operational handbook that explores what good management looks like and details, for all types of vessels, techniques to develop optimised bridge teams. It equips readers with the principles and practice necessary to avoid single point failures when executing a berth to berth voyage.
This publication explores both the human and technical resources available to the bridge team, ensuring safe completion of the ship’s voyage. Tools such as the PACE model explain how crew can address operational weaknesses while avoiding confrontation on board. Case studies offer practical examples of ineffective BRM and solutions for how to improve passage planning. Illustrations effectively explain manning levels and the navigator/co-navigator concept. The publication is purely guidance and must be used at the reader’s own discretion.
Bridge Resource Management (BRM) is an operational philosophy, developed with the aim of avoiding single point failures in planning and executing a berth to berth voyage. BRM was first established in the maritime industry in the early 1990s and has traditionally been defined as the most effective management tool in using all resources (human and technical), at the disposal of the bridge team, to ensure the safe completion of the ship’s voyage.
This guidance emphasises the shift from the traditional focus on non-technical skills to passage plans with clear limits for intervention.



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