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A Ship of the Line

Year: 1938
Language: english
Author: C.S. Forester
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Group
Format: PDF
Quality: Unknown
Pages count: 192
Description: A Horatio Hornblower Tale of the Sea May, 1810 - and thirty-nine-year-old Captain Horatio Hornblower has been handed his first ship of the line . . . Though the seventy-four-gun HMS Sutherland is 'the ugliest and least desirable two-decker in the Navy' and a crew shortage means he must recruit two hundred and fifty landlubbers, Hornblower knows that by the time Sutherland and her squadron reach the blockaded Catalonian coast every seaman will do his duty. But with daring raids against the French army and navy to be made, it will take all Hornblower's seamanship - and stewardship - to steer a steady course to victory and home.
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Ship of the Line Hornblower - C.S. Forester [199?]

Author: C.S. Forester | Type: audiobook | Audio codec: MP3 | Audio bitrate: 41

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