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OpenCPN Charts for Baja, Sea of Cortez and Pacific Mexico [Raster]

Year: 2021
Platform: Windows
System Requirements:
Works on any OpenCPN 5.0 or newer
Total space needed 50GB for everything.
Navionics - 10GB
GoogleSat - 14GB
BingSat - 27GB
You can also just use small parts to save on space.
Localization: english
Crack: Not needed
Raster charts covering Baja, Sea of Cortez and Pacific Mexico down to Colombia. Sources are Google Satellite, Bing Satellite and Navionics. Maps dated August 2021.
Read the included instructions.
OpenCPN 5 or later is required!

These are Raster charts (yes even Navionics one). Total space needed 50GB for everything.
Navionics - 10GB
GoogleSat - 14GB
BingSat - 27GB
Put into directory of your choice. You should have 3 folders with .mbtiles files.
You can use any combination of these, but instructions will assume you are using all of them.
Point OpenCPN to the location of each folder. This is important, dont point to single directory with all of them in it.
Under "Chart Files" tab you should have 3 entries (in addition to what you already had)
Select "Chart Groups" tab. Click "New Group" and create a group for each folder then add
the appropriate folder (just one per group).
Group GoogleSat has \\path\GoogleSat
Group BingSat has \\path\BingSat
Group Navionics has \\path\Navionics
Click Ok. Back on main OpenCPN screen use number keys on the keyboard to switch between them.
This allows you to easily switch between Navionics, Satelite and whatever other maps you have.
You can also right click (or on touch device hold down on the map) to select Chart Group to switch between them.
Additional info: As with any charts you are responsible for your own safety. Use these as a guide, not as gospel.




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